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Sushi and Pilates

Posted in Diet & Exercise with tags , , , on November 30, 2009 by Dobsessed

I think I may be beyond help.  I am SICK and yet all I can think about is food!!

I had a relatively good start, bowl of cereal (crunchy nut conflakes with milk) – OK…so maybe it’s not that good, but Wheat Bix are REALLY boring! By the time I got to work, I was starving.  Oh, what’s this?! A Twix in my drawer?! Nom nom nom…that went down very quickly, I barely even noticed it…that means it doesn’t count right?

Lunch was rice with Chinese BBQ pork and chinese vegies.  I was full, but I had a craving for sushi, so I went to this takeaway sushi place on Adelaide street in Brisbane, I think it’s just called ‘Sushi’ and the line was huged, stretched passed Starbucks all the way to the entrance of Queens Plaza (for anyone living in Brisbane and know the Queen St Mall).  The line moved quickly and I entertained myself with the guy in front who must have an afro, and he must straighten his hair everday, he had more split ends then me, and let’s just say, his hair definitely had volume.

Prawn and avocado roll and a lobster cream cheese roll – the prawn and avacado roll was an inside out roll (seaweed on the inside) coated with furikake – one of my favourite things in the world, fish flake things with sesame seeds and bits of seaweed, with plump prawns and avocado.  Delicious, now I know why the lines are always so huge!  The loberster and cream cheese roll was a bit too sweet for me.

Busy bee afternoon, couldn’t think about food, my throat was sore so I had a couple of teaspoons of honey and off home I went.  Yesterday’s cupcake beckoned me, I gave in…I’m really not doing that well.

Think I’ll skip dinner.

Think I’ll also skip pilates.


Day 1: Ground Zero

Posted in Diet & Exercise with tags , , , on November 29, 2009 by Dobsessed

Really, no one should have to start a diet on a Sunday.  A Sunday with brunch plans and a housewarming firmly entrenched.  Needless to say (but here I am saying it), I’m not off to a sparkling start.

I woke up this morning to humid, stuffy, muggy weather.  Forget exercise, I’m not walking out in that opressive heat.

Diet: 0, Blubber: 1.

Breakfast was Chinese chicken rice porridge, light and yummy, well, that was a relatively good start and then I set about making cupcakes for my friend’s little housewarming gathering.  Like any good baker/chef/cook, one must ALWAYS taste what they’re making.  Today, I’m making orange scented vanilla, choc-chip cupcakes with white chocolate ganache.  I had one cupcake plain without any frosting.  Mm…yummy, I could definitely tasted the orange zest I’d painstainly grated in.  Cupcake number two (with chocolate ganache – for research’s sake, you understand)…nice – but the orange scent is now gone…but who would complain when dealing with white chocolate ganache.

Diet: 0 Blubber: 2

After a whirlwind decorating frenzy involving rolling out fondants and counting out cachous, I left the house, very moist with sweat and went to Landmark for Yum Cha.   It was packed, and I showed no restraint and 54 minutes later, I left with my belly extended and went home and promptly had a nap.  I’m am such a sloth.

Oh, did I mention I woke up and ate two more cupcakes?

Diet: 0 Blubber: 3

Next, it’s off to my friend’s for the little shindig and then dinner.  Definitely not going well.

Calories: Definitely exceeded 2000

Exercise: Rolling out fondon – I probably lost 1 dim sim worth of calories

Weight Loss: 0kg

Here we go…Day 0

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I have not written in this blog since July this year. Unsurprisingly, I’ve not lost any weight, I’ve in fact gained some more.

I’ve also been focusing in baking, eating and overfeeding my ‘temple’ in general.

In this blog, I will detail everything I eat, any exercise I do and any special diets I try. My goal? I want to lose 15kg.

This is day zero, so I’m eating Buenos in bed, this is after I’ve had three slices of Hell Pizza – chicken w pineapple and Camembert (best gluten free pizza I’ve had), vanilla butter cake with salted butter cream, Singapore noodles, rice w Thai curry and that was only dinner!

Tomorrow will (hopefully) be a different story – may be hard though, I have brunch plans of Yum Cha.

You may want to visit my food blog which details how I got to my sorry, blubby state. Bury Me In Food –