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I hate salad eaters and eating bad food!

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I was watching the F Word the other day (whilst on my Elliptical machine – is that counter productive??) and Gordon Ramsey had Joan Collins on, and she was saying that she doesn’t eat very much (which is why she’s 76 and still really thin) and so that when she does eat, she wants to make sure that whatever she is eating, it is top notch and very delicious.

I totally subscribe to that (well, want to…it’s very difficult when you’re out and you order something that’s yuck but you’re hungry).

I went out for dinner last night, N wasn’t hungry so we had to find a restaurant where she could order a salad and we ended up at this little café that was only staffed by one guy and the menu was expensive (can you tell I’m not exactly pleased by going to dinner with someone who only wants to eat salad??? I could’ve just stayed home and had Ikea meatballs!).

Anyways, I won’t name this place as I don’t want it to go out of business (I’m surprised they still have business) and the waiter was running around and was being very nice.

The thing I just couldn’t believe was that this café in a semi-trendy suburb was serving very mediocre food at fine dining prices!  They had no entrees to speak of, just appetizers which were breads ranging from $8 – $9, their mains were ranged from $28 (for a vegetarian risotto) to $34 or $36 for the steak.  And the rest of the menu was desserts, cheese and sides…not really café fare, where’s the wedges and the nachos?

I really couldn’t decide from the uninspiring menu options and decided to go for the crispy skinned barramundi as a healthier option and it kinda, really annoyed me because of how boring and tasteless the food was.

The skin on the barramundi was not crispy, so I ended up peeling it off – I guess that’s lower in fat?  Had no flavour whatsoever and I had douse handfuls of salt on it.  The eggplant was quite tasty, but the skin left on the eggplant was hard to cut through and chew.  The crushed potatoes were more like squished boiled potatoes with no colour, no flavour and no life.  I left most of it.  Which left me really pissed off.

One.  The food was bad and I don’t want to eat bad food when I’m supposed to be limiting the amount of food I eat!  And it’s not even OK food, it’s just food that I don’t even like!  And the prices! What a CROCK!! They didn’t even have tablecloths, the waiter was wearing shorts!  My table was on a slant!  Are they allowed to charge $32 for something that I could definitely produce better at home??!!

Anyways…from now on, I’m ONLY going to eat food that is excellent, Joan Collins is on to something and I wonder if I’ll actually end up being skinny by doing what she’s doing?


Sleep deprived = Fat people

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I read a very disturbing article today.  In the article, it said: “sleep loss becomes habitual the disruption of hormones and metabolism may contribute to weight gain.

Dr Bankss study, undertaken at the University of Pennsylvania, studied 92 healthy adults under periods of restricted and unrestricted sleep and found that those who experienced only four hours in bed gained 1.5 kilograms during the 11-day study” – this was by Linda Drummond from the Courier Mail.

Like I don’t have enough dieting woes, now I have to worry about sleeping properly so that I don’t get even fatter than I already am??

Have I every mentioned that I have sleep problems?  Well, I do, and I’ve had this problem for over a year.  1.5 kg during an 11-day study?! Holy Cannoli, no wonder I’ve put on 12kg in a year!! I should be lucky that it’s not 49kg!!!

So I’m doing a few things to make sure I sleep well tonight:

1.  Burning scented oils – the one I’m using now is called ‘Dream’ and it smells divine.  I’m always falling asleep during massage treatments (I swear they must have a sleep pressure point and they just press it so that it knocks me out).

2. I’m rubbing this ointment called ‘Lavender me down to sleep’ on my temples and on the back of my neck – a pressure point apparently (the ones the masseuse use??).

3. I’m playing this thing called Pzizz which apparently has different sound waves that apparently lures you to sleep.  I used to use Andrew Johnston’s hypnotic sleep listening things but they stopped working after a while.  By the way, the losing weight listening things by Andrew Johnston didn’t work at all…when he was going on about ‘sticky-sweet fattening foods’, I wanted nothing more than to eat a McDonald’s caramel fudge sundae.

4. I’m going to have a hot shower before bed using lavender shower gel – proven to help you sleep better apparently – I don’t have a bath tub, otherwise I’d go that route.

5. Drinking a warm glass of milk…not chocolate, because that might have caffeine.

Do you suppose if I just sleep well, I could lose 1.5 kg in 11 days?

Oh yeah, just an update on my 1200 calories a day thing…I never was able to eating within 1200 calories…so maybe this will work better? *fingers crossed*.

DAY 1 on 1200 Calories

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Uh…I don’t want to sound like a CRAZY, HUNGRY PSYCHO…but HOW THE HELL do celebrities subsist on 1200 calories a day??? I know Kate Moss has that “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” – bullshit by the way, I have that firmly attached to my computer monitor at work, and I’ll look at it as I eat my Raspberry cheesecake brownie and I’ll try to chant that, but it doesn’t work.

I read that Britney Spears only ate 1000 calories a day, Liz Hurley eats from toy plates and with toy forks and knives – I might try that next week (not!), Halle Berry does the whole 1200 calorie thing and doesn’t Gweneth only eat raw food? HOW THE HELL DO THEY DO IT??

Last night in bed, I decided that I was going to go the next 2.5 weeks on a daily calorie intake of 1200 calories (2.5 weeks because Christmas is in 3 weeks) and I woke up with that thought firmly in my head, 1200, 1200, 1200.  I promptly blew my 1200 calorie intake by 9:13am.  I wasn’t even eating bacon sandwiches or anything!!

I had a breakfast of rice with stuffed tofu – sounds healthy enough but the tofu was fried and the stuffing was mince, it was gooood. I got to work and had a brownie that I made, you can find the recipe on Bury Me in Food and then the Wood Chopper had given me a maple, blueburry cheesecake…yep I gobbled that down too.  At 9 o’clock I really need a coffee, so I went and got a tall white chocolate mocha on skinny sow – no cream – watching my weight you see and yep, there goes 1200 calories.  SERIOUSLY, is that all it takes???

I thought about starving, but it didn’t work, I went to Hanaichi Sushi Train for lunch and had 4 plates of DELICIOUS sushi, capped it off with black sesame ice-cream and then I had another brownie.

I REALLY considered skipping dinner, but I was ravenous when I got home from boxing, so I waffled down dinner too.

I think I definitely reached 2500 calories today…so, I ask you again, HOW THE HELL DO PEOPLE LIVE ON 1200 CALORIES??

Tomorrow, I have a salad planned for lunch, maybe I can do 1200 calories +/- 10%??

Tiger and I

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There’s a lot of woo ra in the media at the moment about how Tiger Woods cheated on his wife Elin with three different women.

I hate to admit this, but Tiger and I have something in common.  We both cheat.

He cheated on his wife – who I Googled today, she’s spectacularly hot.

I cheat on my food.

I cheated on three things today too.

1. I ate instant noodles, major bad cheating – I’ve got this dry, rough patch on my nape that I can’t stop itching.

2. I made about 12 chocolate raspberry cupcakes and ate two when I was supposed to be on a diet.

3. I was supposed to do at least 40 minutes of exercises everyday. Yep, haven’t done that either.

So, I get where Tiger is coming from.  We all know what’s right and wrong.  He knows that what he’s doing is wrong.  He knows that he could hurt his family, ruin his marriage, hurt his children, ruin his public image and potentially lose $300 million dollars in divorce settlements.  $300 MILLION !!

I cannot even fathom that much money, and how I would go about spending it.  Well, I’d have a fairly good idea, I’d probably run amok buying Christian Louboutin shoes.

Actually, I was thinking about this today, and if I were Elin, I wouldn’t run after Tiger with a golfclub, I’d say, yeah, ok, cheat, Ka-ching!! $300 Million, and I didn’t even have to learn how to play golf!

Anyways, I cheat, and I know it’s wrong.  I know by eating wheat, I’m only hurting myself (if I get bowel cancer, I’m hurting my family too), I know my skins starts to resemble Freddie Cruegar from Nightmare on Elm Street, I know that if I eat cake, I’m just adding to my girth.  Oh…did I mention that my thighs now rub when I walk now?? I know by not exercising, I’m saying hello to tuckshop arms and a myriad of other fatty bomb bomb stuff like spare tyre bellies, double chins, fat fingers…blah blah blah. So, why do I do it?

Hey, if Tiger Woods is willing to risk $300 Million to do it, yes, $300 the hell am I suppose to stop myself reaching for a crusty bread roll, with the warmth of the oven still on it?? You tell me!

Feeling Sick and Eating Shit

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It absolutely sux being sick.  Yeah, sure, I get a ‘day-off’ from work, but I feel absolutely miserable – that coupled with the fact that I feel this huge sense of guilt for missing work.  What’s worse is that I’ve been sick since last week, and this week, my illness has just taken a different turn.  Instead of attacking my bowels, it’s now going for my head and throat.  Hello husky voice, hacking cough and phlegm. If that grossed you out, think about how I must feel.  It came out of my mouth and I had to taste it.  Too far? My medication must be getting to me.

When I’m sick, I also have an overwhelming desire to eat comforting food.  Usually it’s spaghetti and meatballs…but today, it’s anything wheat.  I woke up and had a breakfast (or some may consider it worthy of three) of 2 packets of instant noodles, three pork balls, a boiled egg (boiled for exactly 6 minutes), 4 gyozas (and yes, I do have stocks of this sort of stuff in my freezer).

I was absolutely stuffed…but it didn’t stop there.

I had to go to the chemist to buy anti-biotics and I saw Bread Top – I’ve written about Bread top in my food blog, like the first time, it called out to me like a siren.  I bought a bag of 6 taro buns ($4.20) and a bag of 6 butter coconut buns – my favourite ($4.20) and a single slice of taro gateaux ($4.20).  I won’t go into it on here…this is a dieting blog for godsakes but suffice to say, it was great…not a fan of the fake cream on the gateaux but the REAL taro filling was to die for.

I felt like dying an hour later when I felt like my stomach was twisting on itself from all that wheat – I’m wheat intolerant, can’t digest the stuff, does terrible things to me internally and externally.  Actually, my neck, and the inside of my elbows are developing a rash as I speak.  Disgusting.

Breads were followed by Mylanta which made me feel marginally better.

Then it was a phone call to my pilates studio to tell them I couldn’t make today’s session…they told me I had to pay $10 for given them less than 12 hours notice of the class.  A brief exchange ensued whereby I basically told them that I’m not psychic and I can’t predict when I’m going to be sick – to – when is a 7:45PM class ever full anyways? – to – I’m going to cancel my membership!  We ended up with a compromise of me putting a hold on my membership until I’m well again, and them charging me $5 for missing my session.  What a crock.  Still not pleased…but if I quit pilates, I can see my ass wobbling on a plate like the panna cotta I just ate.

Yes.  I won’t lie, I made some panna cotta and I ate it.

It was good but my stomach kinda hurts again.