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Headaches means your body is flushing out toxins?? F@#$# THAT!!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 5, 2010 by Dobsessed

Day two of what I like to now call, ‘Vomit Soup Diet’.  Day two consists of as much Vomit soup as you want as well as as much vegetables as you want, with a baked potato for dinner (woo hoo! – note the sarcasm).

I’ve had headaches all day.  They’re not headaches that’ll go away if you drink water (I drank 2.5 litres just at work today), I took panadol, I thought it might’ve been caffeine withdrawals – I had coffee (with milk) and the headaches have persisted all day.

Oh and let’s not get me started on my bowel movements.  I’ve had a stomachache all day, and I’ve been constantly running to the toilet to do twos, ones, and a combitnation of air twos (use your imagination – I really don’t want to have to explain what they are).

After two days of this thing, and me feeling hungry, yawning all day, stomach aches, terrible gas, and this headache – the worse part, I really don’t think I can do it anymore.  I’m pouring the vomit soup down the drain – where it belongs and to hell with the fact that I bought $14.99 beans to make it! Give me Okonomiyakis anyday! They’re cabbage-y and they’re tasty!!

Here’s a new New Year’s Resolution – no more detoxes!! If these headaches mean that  your body is trying to ‘flush’ out toxins, then keep them in there, cos there’s noooooo way that my body will ever be ‘toxin’ free – I love fried things, butter, sugar, cheese, cream blah blah blah way too much to ever be without it.

Hmm…I might flush the soup down the toilet, that’d be more appropriate, don’t you think?


New Year’s Resolution!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 4, 2010 by Dobsessed

I have the most boring New Year’s Resolution, boring, because it’s the same every year, and it’s the same as everybody else’s.

1. Lose weight – 15kg – it keeps going up because I keep gaining weight, last year was 5kg I think…

2. Save money

3. Get fit

I decided to start a Fast Fat Burning Soup Diet, it’s one, you might’ve seen it, where you make a huge vat of vegetable soup comprising of cabbage, celery, carrots, beans, onions, capsicums, canned tomotoes and vegetable stock, add chilli and blend it all together (I also added cumin, cardomon pods, cinnamon and ground coriander).

On the first day, you drink as much of this soup as you want, and then eat as much fruit as you want, on the second day, as much of that soup with as much vegetables as you want, third day – soup with fruit and veges, fourth day – soup with bananas and milk and so on.

I’m on day one and let me tell you, I am HUNGRY.  I started the day off with a huge juicy delicious mango (last one in my fridge), some rockmelon and some watermelon, I had an espresso, no sugar, no milk – caffeine increases your metabolism and suppress your appetite apparently.  I had a huge bowl of the ‘vomit soup’ at lunch and I was practically gagging cos I found it so gross.  I also had a huge bowl of rockmelon and watermelon.

By 4pm, I’m STARVING, but I resisted and drank a litre of water.

I got home and gave up.  I had a bowl of salted pumpkin seeds, a bag of Doritoes, 2 bowls of left over chili topped with cheese.

I tried to exercise too – walking home from work, a walk that would take about 2 hours, after 30 minutes, I convinced myself that it’s going to storm really bad so I hopped on the bus…I will endeavour to try again.

Oh…and the soup thing…I’ll try that again in 2 weeks….the diet plan is supposed to go for 7 days, but I have dinner plans on Friday and I’m having people over on Sunday.  Next week, I have dinner plans and Yum Cha plans, it’s just too impractical to start this week (or next week)…but I’ll stick with the walking…if it doesn’t rain.