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Half of me?

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It’s been about a week since I’ve cut wheat out of my life (again) and I must say, finally I’m feeling better.

I’m not feeling ill, bloated or full of gas after a (wheaty) meal. People always say they are full of energy but I feel largely the same, energy-wise, but not feeling sick and having to lie down feels like I have more energy I guess.

Weight-wise, I haven’t lost or gaines anything. I’ve even been exercising too! I can only account this plateau to my food intake. 2 large (gluten free) pizzas in one night is not condusive to weightloss. The lightbulb has finally been lit.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start a new thing – half of everything. I eat at least three times more than any girl I know so obviously my portions are out of control. I know many people do Jenny Craig or Lite&Easy to learn portion control but due to my food intolerence, I can’t afford that luxury. So, half and half seems the way to go.

How it’ll work?

This is a typical breakfast:
2 pieces of seeded toasts w butter and jam
soft boiled egg

New breakfast:
1 piece of toast w jam
half a boiled egg

Hopefully this will encourage me to eat smaller portions, and shrinku stomach and lose weight.

Fingers crosses that it works. Update to come!


Holidays are not condusive to dieting – and Wheat free challenge

Posted in Diet & Exercise with tags , , on March 18, 2010 by Dobsessed

Yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog (both blogs, this one and my food blog) of late.  I just returned from a 4 week holiday in South East Asia…well, not JUST returned, it was like 3 weeks ago when I came back…and it’s amazing how that on one hand, the day I went back to work, I felt like I never went on holiday and that on the other hand…I can rattle off all these experiences off the top of my head just like that.

Holidays are not great for diets, you see all these great looking food, and they’re like 70 cents and you just want to eat it all.  And eat I did. I ate many many meals a day…there was even one night where I had three dinners in one night.  It was not strange for me to order a meal, finish it, get up, go to another stall and buy a second meal and in that in quick succession.  I think my travel companions (who were less food obsessed than me was quite disgusted).  They even started to recognise my ‘I ate too much’ face.  One of my friends even said to me at one point, “You had three plates of pad thai! No wonder you feel sick!”…Pad Thai, one of my favourite noodles, were delicious, full of eggy pieces, sweet, salty, spicy, bit of sourness, were delicious and most of them were like $1!! Why wouldn’t I have three plates??

I got the shock of my life when I climbed on the baggage scales in the airport and realised that I’d put on 5kg after 2.5 weeks, and 3 days after that, apparently 9kg!! (That was just dodgy airport scales though…thankfully)  I did get home and realised I’d gain 5kg, my ‘FAT’ baggy jeans were skin tight and I was constantly chanting ‘My legs are like sausages’ whenever I wore them, all my underwear were bursting at the seams, I looked like I had melons for breasts and took to wearing scarves so that I wasn’t oogled at.  It also didn’t help that I threw my wheat intolerance out the window and ate everything I want…including roti everyday…have you heard of roti tisu? Delicious – so I was also running around with a huge, bloated belly.

In the past 3 days, I’ve been ridiculously sick (owing to all my wheat consumption – I did not stop when I came home)…so my doctor has actually referred me to a specialist to check for irritable bowel disease, and things that could lead to bowel cancer.  I really do not want to walk around with a colostomy bag…I mean, I don’t want to literally be a douchebag!

Which has brought me to this decision…it’s time…once and for all, to quit wheat.  Cold turkey, not even a taste.  Stay tuned to see how I go…I’ll even list what I eat everyday…

Please, help me, give me suggestions…tell me how you go!  Love to hear from  you.