Day 2 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Cheesy corn on Rye | Potato, Tuna and egg salad | Chilli con carne

Today’s supposed calorie intake: 1060

Today’s actual calorie intake: 1450

Today’s total exercise: 45 minutes walk

I started the day by taking my sister’s dog Ollie to Kangaroo Point Cliffs for a walk…it was very relaxing walking by the river and I managed to get in about 45 minutes before heading home for breakfast.  Someone said to me that doing 20 minutes exercise is worse than what a senior citizen would do…so I thought I better step it up.

Today’s food was actually pretty filling, and if it weren’t for the fact that my family was over making triangular bundles of Chinese sticky rice, I probably wouldn’t even have diverted off the diet.  After my walk, I snaffled up a banana and showered before eating breakfast.  Breakfast was actually pretty yummy, I would never have considered this corn and ricotta combination.

Lunch was a a lovely potato, tuna and egg salad – sorry forgot to take a picture but quite filling.  I didn’t actually finish eating it, and had the remaining for afternoon tea.  I’ve been walk around with a total bloated belly today because I’ve been sampling everything that’s been cooked today.  Apparently, I have a habit of starting a diet during Chinese festivities.  Very annoying (for me).

Oh yeah, good thing the book includes weights for everything, in the salad, they’d specified 6 baby potatoes (240g)…I washed and cooked 6 potatoes before thinking…hmm…this seems like a lot of potatoes.  I decided to weigh it and it was actually 885g!! So I only ended up using two potatoes! That would’ve been a filling lunch indeed!

Dinner was chili con carne with brown rice.  I have never had brown rice before so didn’t know what to expect.  I cooked it according to packet instructions and brown rice is a lot more grainy than plain white rice and isn’t at all fluffy.  You don’t get much of it either.  A normal serving of rice is usually half a cup per person, I was given 1/6 of a cup for lunch today…you do get a very generous serving of chili though, but the chili is a base of tomato rather than meat.  I didn’t think the recipe had enough flavour, so I added bay leaves, cardomon pods, ground coriander and salt…which made it tastier.  I’m pretty sure spices are zero calories…aren’t they?

I’m also prepared for tomorrow.

I’m going to weigh myself again tomorrow and see how I’m travelling.  Although, I think I’m not doing that well because I keep cheating!! Tomorrow I won’t though because I’m at work…hopefully…


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