Day 6 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

bran and cranberry muesli | wonton noodle soup | pasta marinara

Today’s weight loss/gain: lost 0kg

Total weight loss: 2kg

Today’s supposed calorie intake: 1226

Today’s actual calorie intake: 1450

Today’s exercise: None

It looked like it was going to rain today, so I didn’t bother walking.  I was also running late, so I didn’t make the corn fritter breakfast.  In the 21-Day Wonder Diet book, they give you a simple recipe for bran and cranberries which you can have for breakfast instead of the usual menu item listed.

I have to admit that I did not feel like I was on a diet at all today.  I’d made plans to meet my friend for lunch and Little Singapore is not a place where you can just order a salad.  I LOVE Malaysian/Singaporean/Chinese food, and I think Little Singapore serves up one of the most authentic dishes in Brisbane.  If you ever visit one, I’m sure you’ll notice that they’re always busy.  Always.  My usual fabourite dishes from Little Singapore are Curry Spiced Beef with rice, Butter Oat Prawns with rice, Combination ho fun with egg sauce…list goes on. Today, I went for the healthiest option I could think of, wonton noodle soup.  I drank all the clear broth, had all the wontons, ate about two spoonfuls of noodles and left the rest.

After lunch…I think there must’ve been something in the soup, because I was craving sugar, perhaps the soup had a lot more salt that what I’ve been eating?  I resisted the Sin Bin (it was calling me…”eat me…eat me”) and had 8 pistachios.

Dinner was pasta marinara.  Usually I would’ve made it with olive oil, butter, bit of sugar, touch of cream…but I left all those out, and the only thing I added are salt and pepper and fresh basil.  It wasn’t bad and I was completely stuffed afterwards (but my usual recipe is better – and definitely fattier).

I’m hoping I register some weight loss next week…I feel rather deflated today.  Oh yeah, at the end of my first 7 days, I’ll list how much I’ve spent on groceries in total…so far, it’s about $220!! So no, definitely not a cheap diet.  Jenny Craig or Lite & Easy would be much cheaper.  I can adapt these recipes so that they’re gluten free though which is a plus.


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