Day 9 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Spinach omelette| chicken curry | prosciutto-wrapped lamb with roasted kiflers

Today’s weight loss/gain: lost 1kg

Total weight loss: 2.5kg

Today’s exercise: 40 minute walk

I don’t even know if I should bother posting today.  Out of the whole time I’ve been on this diet, I think today is the day that I transgressed the most…not through any fault of my own! Well…maybe a lot of it could’ve been avoided…

Anyways, this was breakfast…

I had training today, and they always cater when you do a training course, so morning tea was corn thins with cheese,  sauteed mushrooms and caramelised onions (yes, I could taste butter), there were lollies and mentos littered everywhere and I also had half a litre of juice today.  Lunch was chicken curry, the portions weren’t huge, and I made sure I didn’t eat all the rice…but it definitely was a far cry from the cranberry and turkey wrap that I was supposed to have today.  Yes, they provided afternoon tea too, sliced tomato with boccochini with petso and two bite sized pieces of brownie.  I must admit, I had the brownie…but only one of them.

I thought I was supposed to have about 150g of lamb, but in actualty, I was only supposed to have 100g…so I ate too much for dinner. Mm…not good – the lamb was though!  I’m undecided about the citrus (orange) segments that they prescribe with salad…I’m just not a fat.

I hope I don’t register weight gain tomorrow!  I have another training course tomorrow, so I need to be disciplined!


2 Responses to “Day 9 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet”

  1. I think the lamb and potatoes looks like the most appetising meal so far!…your training is extremely well catered btw!!

  2. yeeshin Says:

    Catered by Clayton Utz…you should’ve seen the non-gluten free options! They got mushroom pastries and petit fours for afternoon tea! I was jealous!

    The lamb was yummy! Pierced and studded with slices of garlic and then wrapped in proscuitto.

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