Day 11 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Banana lassi | cranberry and turkey wrap | beef rissoles with beetroot salad

Today’s weight loss/gain: gained 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 3kg

Today’s supposed calorie intake: 807

Today’s actual calorie intake: 1200 approx

Today’s exercise: 40 minute walk, 30 minutes Personal Training – we boxed today

I’m just a bit half way through my 21-Day Wonder Diet and I’ve lost 3 kg.  Yesterday I registered 3.5 kg loss, but yesterday, I also had half a roast chicken for lunch along with half a bag of Fantails (cos I was in training)…so that could be why I’ve registered the extra half a kg.

I sort of did a menu switcharoo today because I didn’t want a repeat of the days when I ate disgusting food so instead of the berry salad, I had a banana lassi from Day 3.  I really dislike celery, so I switched today’s lunch of chicken waldorf salad (made with LOTS of celery – yuck!) with a turkey and cranberry wrap from Day 9.

Lunch was yummy and I thought I’d still be hungry, but I was surprisingly full (or just right) straight after lunch…before lunch though, I was really hungry and knowing I needed energy for personal training, I had a chicken in a can.  Need rather than want, I don’t find them tasty AT ALL.

This was tonight’s dinner:

It looked like a TINY portion (I’m using a smaller plate, that’s why it looks like the meat patties are huge – they’re not.  However, it was surprisingly very tasty…I did add salt and pepper into the rissoles, and I also added cayenne pepper for a bit of heat and it was delicious with the sweet, cool beetroot…definitely something I’d eat again.  Oh yeah, I also realised that this recipe fits perfectly with Phase 2 of the Dukan Diet, so I’ll be adding this to my repertoire.

After I had my dinner, my mum was making her dinner, she made wontons.  I couldn’t help myself, I ate 4.

Oh yeah, I’ve been reading the blog on How Stuff Works about the Dukan Diet and I found some very interesting calorie tools.  One of them was a very cool calculator which tells you how many calories you need per day.  Apparently, I need 2320 calories…so today, I had approximately 1200, which means I’m still eating 1000+ calories less than what I ‘need’…

According to this blog, you need to cut 3500 calories to lose roughly half a kilo, so thought I’m doing it slowly…I’m still getting there (hopefully).


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