Day 12 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Today’s weight loss: 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 3.5kg

Today’s exercise: 40 minute walk

I woke up this morning with renewed purpose…was very pleased when I woke up and lost half a kilo!! I walked to work (half way) and had plans to go boxing after work.

I did well food wise…once again, I did a few switcheoos, which is why I won’t bother posting how many calories I had today. For breakfast, I had my favorite breakfast so far, sliced banana, with honey, cinnamon on rye with ricotta. I also had a milky coffee today cos I was really hungry.

For lunch, I had a curried egg sandwich…it’s actually pretty good considering there were no mayo and it was made using ricotta and cottage cheese. Yes…they are my friends.

Snack of an orange, and my afternoon went to absolute shit (work related) so I forgot to have my afternoon snack of an apple. I went home and had some butter chicken that was on the kitchen table and made my low fat pizza (with lots of ham!).

I’m not excited to step on the scales tomorrow. It has not been a good day 😦


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