Day 15 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Mm…I don’t know if I should post today’s entry or not…after all, I didn’t really follow it at all today.

I haven’t gained or lost any weight recently, still sitting at 3.5kg of weight loss and I guess I feel less motivated because of it. I guess it definitely doesn’t help that I’ve been eating fast food, wheat and I was not really following the diet again.

I followed breakfast, banana smoothie, I made it with no fat strawberry yoghurt and it was pretty yummy. I had training again once again today, and lunch was a pretty boring affaire, cold meats with salad, which lots of.

Dinner was low fat Moussaka, which was actually very tasty…I would’ve stuck with it except my cooked a feast (for my brother’s return from the States) and I couldn’t help myself. I lost count of how many Peking sauce pork ribs I had…it was so, so good. I must deep fried, sticky, sour sweetness…

I could never be a health freak.

Anyways…despite me doing another training course tomorrow, I’m going to walk there…so I’ll be sweaty in ‘class’. Oh yeah, I was also very productive tonight, I made dinner, 2 servings of moussaka, so froze one portion for next time. I also made some breakfast beans for tomorrow, very easy…the tomatoes were very sour so I added a teaspoon (maybe two) of brown sugar.

I had left over ground beef, so I made some cumin rissoles and froze. In order not to fall off the wagon, you basically have to be very prepared. If I’d had food at home on Friday night, I wouldn’t have turned to KFC…so I’m making sure I’m prepared for my last week on this diet…


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