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Day 6 on the Dukan Diet v2

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Today’s weight loss/gain: 0kg

Total weight loss: 1.5kg

So, what I like about the Dukan Diet is that it allows you some flexibility in planning. I’m doing the Cruise Phase on a one day rhythm alternating between Pure Protein (PP) days and Protein and Vegetable (PV) days. I was only going to do the Attack phase for 5 days but I have brunch plans with some of friends on Sunday, so I decided to have one more day of PP. You can eat a big variety of food on PV days.

Oh yeah, before I forget, here’s my journey since I started the Dukan Diet (the first time) and how my weight has tracked including what happened when I was on holidays. And let’s not forget that I ate everything in sight on my holidays, I ate ice-cream everyday, and I ate rice and noodles and cake. 🙂

Let’s hope it’s an onward down slope here on end. 🙂

This is what I ate today:


– Oat bran Porridge

– Soy latte


– 2 Roast cacciatore chicken thighs

Afternoon tea

– 1 Roast cacciatore chicken thighs

– 1 wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese


– 2 Rissoles with a fried egg and drizzled with low sodium tomato sauce (yes, finally got some!)


Dukan friendly strawberry cheesecake – bit too sweet and rubbery for me

I think I ate WAY too much dairy today…and all my food felt really fatty…I hope I register a weight loss tomorrow!!!


Day 5 on the Dukan Diet v2, Attack Phase

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Today’s weight loss/gain: 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 1.5kg

Exercise: None

I lost another half a kilo this morning, you’d think I’d be more excited….but I don’t, but I haven’t reached the weight that I was just before I went on holidays (half a kilo away) so I guess I’m just hanging out for that (and MORE weight loss).

I’m 7 or 8kg away from when I was before I piled on all the weight I did in a short two month period (it took meds that made me pile it on). And I’m about 15kg away from fitting into all the clothes and jeans in my wardrobe and the weight I was maintaining at for about 2 or 3 years. I have 11 pairs of jeans, and I only fit into ONE of them at the moment. I have a pair of jeans that will fit 8kg away, and the rest, 15kg away.

I’m 17kg away from my lowest weight (and my Dukan ‘True Weight’) and I’m 19-20kg away from my ideal weight…yes, I think I’ve got aways to go.

I went seafood crazy and also came up with a new snack, a grilled ham and cheese. Literally that. I laid out shaved ham (which I seasoned with cracked pepper) and then I sliced up one mini Babybel Light and laid it on top of that, on top of that, more shaved pieces of ham. I grilled it until the cheese had melted, it smelt suspiciously like a ham and cheese toastie. It tasted fine, but it was waaaaaaaay too salty. Usually when I eat shaved ham, I don’t find it too salty…but heating it made it way too salty for me to eat it again. I think I’ll try it next time on Protein/Vegetable days with some sliced tomatoes to temper the salt.

Here’s what I ate today:

– Oatbran Porridge
– 2 poached eggs
– Smoked salmon
– Green tea
– Espresso

Morning tea
– Grilled ham and cheese

– Prawn and crab salad (made using 200g of peeled prawns, a 175g of crab meat. I made the dressing by missing a heaped tablespoon of low fat natural yoghurt and 1 teaspoon or so of dijon Mustard – tastes…OK, my first thought was Hommous, possibly of the crab meat, never buying it again, and it was just a bit cloying and rich after a while. Don’t think I’ll make it again unless I can squeeze in some lemon juice and eating it with rocket)

Afternoon tea
– Laughing Cow Light cheese
– Vanilla low fat yoghurt

Dinner (SUSHI TIME!)
– Salmon and scallops sashimi (I love scallops sashimi)
– Deep fried soft shelled crabs (yum, yum, yum)
– Seared scallops
– Seared salmon
– Spicy Calamari and fish roe
– Octopus cake

Nearly time for weekly measuring! Oh yeah, I was supposed to start Protein & Vegetables tomorrow but I’ve looked ahead and I have some eating out arrangements, so I’m going to do one more day of Pure Proteins so that on Sunday I can go out and eat veggies :).

Day 4 on the Dukan Diet v2, Attack Phase

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Today’s weight loss/gain: 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 1kg

Today’s exercise: 70 minute walk, 30 minutes of weight training

Finally….after four days of pure proteins, I’ve finally gotten over my sugar cravings. Today is the first day since I’ve not had sugar that I’ve not had a headache. I also didn’t pass out on the bus home on the way home, which was a nice change.

I wonder if it takes the same amount of time for everybody to lose their sugar cravings? What do you think? Once again, I ate heaps today, this is what I ate:

– Oat bran porridge
– soft boiled egg with cracked pepper
– 5 pieces of shaved ham

Morning tea
– A quarter piece of roast chicken (thigh/leg piece)
– Laughing Cow light cheese

– Curry flavored rissole with 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese
– Babybel Light cheese

-250g of ginger and soy chicken breast (very tender an tasty)
– 1 whole Bream steamed with ginger and spring onion and soy (Chinese style)

Soooo full right now…

Day 3 on the Dukan Diet v2, Attack Phase

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Today’s weight loss/gain: 0kg

Total weight loss: -0.5kg

Exercise: None (it rained!)

I don’t have much to note regarding my diet today other than the fact that I craving carbs, and sugar like crazy. Marshall Brian from How Stuff Work who is blogging about his Dukan Diet journey and he said there were days when he felt like eating oat bran raw because there are carb cravings. I’m not sure about eating oat bran raw from the bag….but these days, I can smell a croissant from 20 metres away and I am craving all sweet things. Honestly, I was never hungry (I’m eating looooooots) but I was always craving something more. I did lose my sugar and carb cravings when I did the first nine days of the Dukan Diet but it’s taking a bit longer this time (hopefully I lose it tomorrow?). I’ve had to have a can of Coke Zero every day or so because I just need….something!

I didn’t register a weight gain today, for that, I’m happy…and I didn’t (really) cheat today either, this is what I ate today:

– Oat bran porridge
– A soft boiled egg
– Espresso
– 5 pieces of shaved ham

Morning Tea
– A wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese
– Curry flavored Rissole with a tablespoon of light cottage cheese

– 5 or 6 fried soft shelled crabs
– Seared scallops
– seared salmon
– Octopus cake
– Spicy squid with flying fish roe

Afternoon Tea
– A low fat vanilla yoghurt
– A wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese

– 2 cumin and coriander rissoles with a fried egg and tomato sauce

Weight loss tomorrow?

Day 2 on the Dukan Diet v2, Attack Phase

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Today’s weight loss/gain: 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 0.5kg

Today’s exercise: 40 minute walk

I’ll like to start today’s blog on by saying…I cheated today. Undone by a very delicious white chocolate and macadamia nut slice (I had two)…so this is what I ate today:

– Oat bran Porridge
– 100g of steak with Dijon mustard
– Espresso

Morning tea
– No fat vanilla yoghurt
– 5 pieces of low fat shaved ham
– A tablespoon of cottage cheese
– 2 Cheerios

– Half a roast chicken (minus the wing, minus a drumstick – ate that yesterday – and didn’t eat any of the skin)
– Lots of green tea

Afternoon tea
– Laughing Cow Cheese light
– 2 white chocolate and macadamia nut slice
– 5 slices of low fat shaved ham

– 300g of beef (stir fried with ginger, garlic, dark soy and oyster sauce)

Happy with my half a kilo weight loss today and happy I got my 40 minute walk in. I wanted to do another 40 minutes, but I lost my socks somewhere between getting to work and finishing work. I feel like I ate too much today, in addition to cheating, so I’m hoping to register weight loss or no weight gain tomorrow.

Is Xylitol allowed on the Dukan Diet?

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I can’t say definitively whether Xylitol is allowed on the Dukan Diet or not…but I’ve been doing some Googling about it…and based on what I have found, I am going to assume that it is.

I have read on a blog that Xylitol isn’t allowed as it’s like fructose, which is therefore not allowed.

I have found though that Xylitol is absorbed differently to normal sugar fructose, lactose, sucrose (all the other oses) and that is why it is acceptable in low-carb diets. In many things I’ve looked at, Xylitol is actually promoted as a low carb, lower calorie sweetener which is acceptable on low-carb diets.

Another thing I found…Xylitol is used in the Atkin’s Diet too, Atkin’s is a low-carb/no carb diet and xylitol is in their Atkins protein bars.

Based on these, very unscientific findings, I would be inclined to say that xylitol is allowed. After all, Splenda and Equal…they’re not actually 0 calorie either! Just low calories!

Makes a world of difference when I’m cooking too, and in the end, I think it’s more important that I’m able to stick to the diet because I’m eating food that are palatable!

I’m back! Day 1 on the Dukan Diet v2, Attack Phase

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First day back on a diet after two weeks of holiday bliss is not easy. Prior to my holidays, I’d been on my 21-Day Wonder Diet, and then I was on the Dukan Diet for about two weeks…so I’d been on a diet previously for about six weeks. In that six weeks, I barely had any chocolate, no ice-cream, barely any lollies. On my holidays however…

Let’s say I averaged ice-cream everyday, chocolate every second day and there were no limits. Funnily enough, I didn’t really put on that much weight, only a couple of kilos…I was very surprised. After all, I did not hold back…for example, when I was in Singapore one night, three girls (two of them very petite…me, definitely not so) went to this restaurant, ordered a 1kg Singapore chilli crab, had a whole Peking duck (this amounted to about 8 or 10 pancakes each), some scallops, duck lettuce cups and vegies…yeah, that’s only three of us who ate all that.

Let me give you an overview of what I eat on a typical vacation day:

Breakfast (went to St. Ali)
– a soy mocha
– 2 crispy fried corn fritters with halumi cheese, spinach, poached eggs, tomato relish and fried chorizo (so, so good)

Morning tea
– 4 squares of white chocolate

Lunch (went to Hu Tong Dumpling Bar)
-8 Siao Long Baos
– 4 spicy wontons
– Peking sauce pork ribs
– Rice

Afternoon tea (went to Max Brenner)
– Banana crepes with hazelnut praline, milk chocolate and ice-cream
– White chocolate chai latte
– Bourbon whopper with crispy onions
– Coke Zero

– Penne with roasted vegetables
– Cheese and crackers
– Toblerone
– Coke

There were days when I had more…and there were days when I had less.

This is what I ate today…and I can proudly say I didn’t cheat:

– Oat Bran Porridge

Morning tea
– Laughing Cow light cheese
– A Chilli and garlic roast chicken leg

– Half a roast Nando’s chicken

Afternoon tea
– 2 Laughing Cow light cheese
– a tub of non-fat vanilla yoghurt
– Can of coke zero

– 250g of ginger and soy beef stir fry

I had a major headache after 3pm today. I KNOW this is from coming down from my sugar addiction. Since I’ve been on holiday mode, I’ve had sugar (ice-cream and chocolate) everyday and this was my first day in two weeks without sugar and the headache was a killer. That’s why I turned to the Coke Zero, I think the thought of it was enough to make me feel better. I also felt incredibly tired and passed out with my mouth open on the bus…but I also think that’s because going back to work was a real shock to the system!!

I did a major shop today and stocked up enough food for the next few days of pure proteins. I LOVE Laughing Cow Light cheese, one wedge of cheese is only about 30 calories, less than 1g of carbs and it’s low in fat, so yummy too.

The ginger soy beef stir fry was pretty yum, but I got my beef from Woolworths, which was pre-sliced and labeled ‘Asian Stir Fry’…however, it was soooo tough, I wished I spent the extra dollars to buy good steak and sliced it myself. Once I get it right, I’ll post a recipe.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in!! I did not cheat at all!