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Food I ate on Day 37 – PV Day

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So…yesterday, I cleared out all the Skinny Cows in the house and I didn’t allow myself to buy anymore either…so NO SKINNY COWS today!! πŸ™‚ I felt a lot better today, first day since I was sick last Wednesday, I’ve felt non-cloudy and my head was not fuzzy or aching today!

Here’s what I ate today:

– A big bowl of Lion’s Head Soup

Morning tea:
– Pork balls with ginger broth
– 1 cupcake sized Strawberry scented oatbran muffin

– I ate at a shopping centre food court today: Big piece of grilled fish with prawn and lettuce sale and seafood salad (didn’t eat too much of this, because it was completely coated in mayonnaise)

Afternoon tea:
– 2 cupcake sized strawberry scented oatbran muffin
– 1 piece of Greek yoghurt chicken piece (I had to try it when I was cooking it!)

– Cottage Pie, see my picture πŸ˜€

– Stirfried asparagus with scallops and garlic

– 1 cupcake sized strawberry scented oatbran muffin (I can eat 4! as part of my oatbran quota)

Here’s some things I’m wearing for my friend’s hen’s party weekend:

I need to lose weight before I don this garb..


Vanilla Oat Bran Muffins (strawberry flavoured)

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I make my muffins just with oat bran and works well. I usually use Nestle No fat French vanilla non-fat yoghurt, but I ran out today, so I used Dairy Farmer’s Thick and Creamy Light Strawberry yoghurt. I LOVE the vanilla flavour, but this was quite nice for a chance. It’s a scented strawberry flavour and you can really smell it when you open the oven. Yum.

I made these today in cupcake patty liners, so I got 12, so that means I can eat 4 of these today! I ate my last batch with cream cheese frosting…but these are yummy ‘naked’.

6 tablespoons of oatbran
6 teaspoons of egg white powder & 6 tablespoons of warm water = equivalent to 3 egg whites (I get mine from Mrs Flannery (organic health food shop), I use this so as not to waste yolks, but you can definitely just use 3 egg whites)
1 egg
1 tablespoons of Non-fat greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon of extra light cream cheese
200g tub of non-fat vanilla yoghurt (or strawberry in this case!)
1 good teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 tsp of baking powder
6 good (slightly heaped) teaspoon of xylitol (I don’t use artificial sweetener, cos the liquid one I tried was very acrid and bitter)

– Preheat oven to 200C
– Whisk the egg white and the warm water until frothy and there are no more lumps.
– Add in the yoghurt, the Greek yoghurt and the cream cheese and whisk
– Whisk in the egg. Add the rest of the ingredients and whisk.
– Ladle into your muffin/cake liners and bake for about 30 minutes

Day 37 on the Dukan Diet and a rant

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Today’s weight: 70

Weight loss since starting Dukan: 6.5kg

Total overall weight loss since June: 10kg

So, you may or may not have noticed that I didn’t post what I ate yesterday…I was hiding, you see. Very ashamed of what I ate yesterday…but the reason why I started this blog is to keep me accountable. That means, no hiding…total accountability of what I eat…when I fail, when I’m bad…not just to show successes. So, here goes.

I had 4 Skinny Cow ice-cream blocks, 1 Skinny Cow Sundae and a Bulla Caramel sundae (250+ calories in ONE cup) yesterday. Pretty appalling. There’s now no more Skinny Cows in my house…and hopefully I stop becoming a FAT Cow.

I didn’t put on weight…lost 0.5kg since yesterday actually, but it’s as I first summarized, I was carrying a lot of water weight and I probably just got rid of it after having a PP (+ skinny cow) day yesterday.

I’m on a PV day today, so I guess I’ll probably put on some weight tomorrow…but if I stick with Dukan’s regime strictly for the rest of the week…I’m fairly confident I can get below 70 this week. I’m still sick, but I might even see if I can go for a slow stroll today.

I can’t wait till I lose a total of 10kg on the Dukan, when I get there, I’ll post a before/after pic!

Oh…and on another note. This morning, when I read How Stuff Works, Marshall Brain’s Dukan blog, a comment someone made, made me really cross. Someone commented on his blog that he transgresses a lot and that he should stick to it more blah, blah, blah. And that just made me angry. It makes me angry that people are so happy to hold the stick and lecture people who are on a diet. (This person who commented had yet to start the Dukan!)

Look, we ALL know that ice-cream, chocolate, fried foods, loads of pasta, sweets make us fat. None of us actually delude ourselves that we’re being healthy when we eat Pizza!! If it was so easy for us, NONE of us would be overweight!! Being overweight is WAY more than that, it’s a psychological thing, it’s an emotional thing…it is DEFINITELY not just about being motivated!

It makes me cross when people say, “Just don’t eat so much!”…they just have NO idea! Do you think it’s liberating for us when we eat ice-cream? Do you think that I thought, “Oh, ice-cream! Calcium!”…no, it is NOT like that. When I eat transgress and when I binge and I eat this, it’s never a “Oh my god, that’s so good” sort of feeling, it is filled with guilt and regret…but our mind is strong…and I can’t stop.

Oprah is the most successful woman in Showbiz…pretty significant when you see she had an abused childhood, she’s African-American, and if someone like Oprah, is battling with her weight, do you seriously think it’s just linked to motivation? Someone like Oprah to get where she did, would have had to be someone who is pretty driven and motivated. So for all those people out there who think it’s just about, ‘not eating so much’…maybe you should just keep your thoughts to yourself…cos it’s really not that easy.

We are all on our own weight loss journey, and it’s not easy…and what you say is not ‘constructive criticism’…you’re just judging.

Lemon and Thyme Chicken

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My friend posted a version of this recipe on her blog, Nutritious Cravings (she’s a Dietitian) and I looked at this recipe and thought it could be easily adapted to something that would fit into my diet. It’s great on a Pure Protein Day, and you can add salad or vegetables on your Protein and Vegetable days.

On serving, it’d be nice to season it with salt and pepper because the chicken, although full of flavour…needed some seasoning. This is a good dinner party dish too, here’s my version:

20 x chicken lovely legs (I got mine from Woolworths, but they’re basically skinless chicken legs with the bottom part of the bone removed)
1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
5 cloves of garlic, crushed
3 lemons, zested and juiced
2 heaped tablespoons of xylitol
1/2 cup of loosely packed tarragon
Generous bunch of thyme – like 8 – 10 sprigs

– Mix the juice, zest, vinegar, herbs and crushed garlic and marinade the chicken legs for 3 or more hours.
– In a preheated 200C oven, in a roasting tin, roast the chicken for about 45 minutes, turning once.
– You can serve this with salad or roasted vegetables.

Motivate Me Mondays

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My diets always seem to start on Mondays…so every Monday, I’m going to post something that will motivate me to keep going and not give up!!

In the whole of 2010, I don’t think my legs has seen the light of day (no…not even in summer). I’m either wearing jeans, long black pants, skirts that are over the knees with opaque tights or long maxi dresses. I hate my legs. I also don’t like my arms, but until they make nice looking ARM tights, they have to be subjected to the public eye unfortunately.

This dress (which I can’t afford at $550!!) would be something I would LOVE to wear WHEN I lose weight. It’s cute with a floaty skirt and look great with sandals at brunch or heels in the evening.

So, this is my Motivate Me Monday dress…what’s yours?

Week 5 on the Dukan Diet

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I keep losing my blog post!! And I think it’s the WordPress App I’m using! It’s like they don’t want me to write more than one post a day!! Cos I just wrote a mini goal post, and my week 5 post just disappeared!

Today’s weight: 71kg
Last week’s weight: 70.5kg
Thursday’s weight: 70kg!

A bit of an up and down thing this week, in terms of weight loss…ended on a weight gain…which is a bit disappointing. I can attribute it to a few things though:

– I’ve been sick, so have not been getting my usual daily walks of at least 35 minutes (I usually walk for 70 – 75 minutes a day), this week, I’ve only done ONE 35 minute walk
– I’ve been craving comfort food cos I’ve been sick, so I’ve had fried chicken and I’ve had McFlurries
– I’ve been at home, bored, doing nothing, so I’m constantly eating!
– Aunt Flo is visiting on Monday…

Measurements wise…I’ve gained an inch up top and two around my belly button!! I’m telling you, it’s water!! My hips, thighs and arms are unchanged though.

I kinda let this week’s weight get me down a bit…but I mustn’t when I think of all the good work I’ve done. I was 80kg in June…so even at my ‘heavy’ weight today I’ve lost 9kg!! I’ve lost 6kg since starting the Dukn Diet, which was only 5 weeks ago! I’m 3kg of reaching the weight I was back in January this year!

I only need to lose another 15kg…actually, I should cross that out. Having to lose another 15kg is not actually that encouraging…

Next week should boost a happy result…I’ve hardened my resolve, just need to get over this flu!

A mini goal by 17 September

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I have a goal weight in mind, and according to the Dukan Diet website, I will reach my ‘True Weight’ by the 23/11/10.

Recently, I’ve noticed that because November seems so far away (it is in terms of diet!) I can lose a bit of focus. I noticed that when I have my mini Milestones or mini goal weights, I seem a bit more focused. I was much more focused as I was approaching the 72kg mark after hovering over the 80kg mark. I don’t give myself a time limit though, which makes me a bit lazy sometimes and I’ll go and have a McFlurry, or have some fried chicken, whilst thinking…the Dukan is so great, even if you fall off the wagon, it’s so easy to get on the wagon again at the next stop.

Which is where I’m at now…I haven’t really quite fallen off the wagon and had a huge binge (just a mini one)…but I think it’s time I set my mini goals to a date, so that there’s a ‘sense of urgency’…sure, if I don’t hit that Milestone by that time, I’m not going to give up…but I think it’ll ensure that I stick with it more because it’ll seem closer than November at the end of the year!

So, thought I’d share my mini goals and dates with you.

So…I’m currently sitting at 71kg. I believe that I’m carrying a lot of water weight as I weighed 70kg a few days ago and my stomach is a lot bloated then they are usually. Also, once I get over this flu, I’m going to go back to my daily walks (I walk to work and back, and the trip is usually about 35 minutes each way) and I’ll also be going to my once a week personal training class on Friday. I’m also thinking of doing Pilates once a week (for posture improvement and core strengthening) and an additional boxing circuit class. I don’t consider my daily walks as that much exercise as it’s very much ingrained in my daily routine…so I’d only notice the boxing circuit and the Pilates.

My next Milestone is 68kg. I was 67-68kg at January this year and put on 12 or so kg in a 2 month period due to some meds I was taking…so reaching 68kg would be a huge deal for me.

Ideally, I would like to be 68 (or less!) by the 17th of September. 17th of September is my friend’s Hen’s night, and she wants us dressed up as bunnies! I’m sure no one likes a chubby bunny…so I’m going to be focused on THAT to lose the remaining 2-3kg.

Things I’ll do between now and then (starting tomorrow – Monday hehe):
– Only one fruit yoghurt a day
– Only 1 Skinny Cow ice-cream or sundae a week (I’ve been eating one or two of these daily)
– Have a White Day once a week (over a usual PP day)
– Either a one hour walk or Pilates on at least ONE Saturday or Sunday (I usually get no exercise on the weekends).

I think with these mini resolutions…I should reach my mini goal of 67 or 68kg by then.

Wish me luck x πŸ™‚