Carb Addicted

Today’s weight: 72kg

Total weight loss: 4.5kg

Today’s exercise: None

Wow, based on these stats, it seems I’m doing terribly, considering I’ve been on the dukan Diet for 58 days.

I tried very hard to get on track today and was doing quite well, oat bran for breakfast, tofu and egg for lunch…dinner was fish…but I could not get the thought of Mi Goreng noodles out of my head.

I had it constantly all day…and I realised.Ā  The weekend’s carb indulgences has made me carb addicted yet again.

I’m not going to beat myself up about, I’m going to try oh so hard tomorrow to not have any carbs and we’ll just see how I go.

I’m hoping to lose 2kg this week…

Bit hard…it’s raining NON-STOP right now, and the weather just makes me crave comfort food.Ā  And no walking cos of the rain either.

AND I got a work trip on Thursday/Friday, it will not be easy.


3 Responses to “Carb Addicted”

  1. OMG I hear you – I had a total carb-craving yesterday, though I think it was more The Munchies than specifically wanting carbs. I ended up raiding the freezer for frozen meat and cooking up chicken breast snack food, as well as some of those ham-chip things.

    Omm nom nom nom nom.

    That filled me up in a hurry. After that, I wanted carbs on an intellectual level, but the edge had gone off the craving.

    Following that, I had to chase the cat around the house, after he stole a ham-chip. Little thief cat. I love him though. šŸ˜‰

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