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So Off the Wagon, I’m at the Bottom of the Ocean

Posted in Pigging Out with tags on December 5, 2010 by Dobsessed

So…been missing in Action for a bit.

Ever since my friend had her Hens weekend in September, I haven’t been able to get back on the Dukan Diet (or ANY Diet).

I’m feeling very fat because I eat at least 150g of White chocolate EVERYDAY or a whole tub of Homer Hudsons in one sitting (or both). I constantly snaffle up whole large pizzas in one night for dinner too.

And…now that Christmas is coming up, it’s even harder. Everybody wants to do like a pre-Christmas/pre New Year/End of the Year catch up so this dieting thing is just ridiculous!

It’s like…well, next week, I have four dinner plans…why even bother trying???!

Well..I’m going to just keep exercising and see how I go. I’ll diet after new years.

I’m Dukaning right now, just exercising. I’ll try to eat less, less, less carbs, NO sugar and eat a light dinner.

Oh yeah, you know what, I’m so sugar addicted that on days when I don’t eat chocolate/ice-cream, I start feeling nauseous, get chills, bad, bad headaches and I even throw up.

No joke.

Need to work on this!