Last Supper Weekend & Day 1 On the Dukan Diet

Here is some of the offerings at my Last Supper Weekend…

Some nooooodles with soft yolk eggs and pork and mushroom balls


Some wines at Antique Bar 😀

HUGE Breakfast Burrito with avocado (HUGE) with a Pumpkin Polenta Loaf


This, my friend, is a Luthur Burger

Buffet Lunch at Melbroune's Grand Hyatt - this was one of my plates...desserts


As you can see, I definitely didn’t discriminate when it came to my last supper, this is just a small sampling of what I had when I went to visit my Best Bum Chum on the weekend in Melbourne…I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate…but one of my FAVOURITE breakfasts was a Angus Steak Sandwich from St. Ali, some tender Salt & Pepper Squid from Babel and my favourite meal was at Hutong Dumpling Bar (have you tried their Turnip cake? Yum Yum)…oh…here you can see me eat a Luther Burger.

Anyways…this is supposed to be a diet blog, so here are today’s Stats.

(I gained 2 kg after this weekend)

Weight: 79.5kg

Exercise: None – I sprained my foot on the weekend, I should be recovered by tomorrow

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water), black Coffee

Morning Tea: Nut bar (nuts are not really allowed but I still have 3 bars in my work drawer and I don’t wanna waste money!)

Lunch: Half a Roast Chicken – I only ate about half of this as roast chickens from Coles are blaaaaaaaaaaaand and DRY!! Next time I’m buying from Woolworths!

Afternoon Tea: Two small handfuls of Pistachio nuts, boiled egg with Furikake

Dinner: Some Chicken strips and Soft shelled crabs with curry sauce (I treated myself because of Valentine’s Day)


How I felt:

Anyways…I felt pretty good today, I expected headaches from the sugar withdrawals but I didn’t get it…perhaps the nuts carried me through? I was also very, very busy at work so I didn’t really have time to get hungry (bored).  I also didn’t get the 3pm (witching hour) sugar craving crash…but it could be because I prepared myself by cutting out all chocolate a week ago (except for my Last Supper weekend).

I’m not sure if I’m going to lose any weight tomorrow as I didn’t do any exercise today (I usually do at least 40 minutes of walking a day) and I also had soft shelled crabs (which are lightly fried)…

We’ll see how I go.

My goal is to lose 10kg by 10 April and overall 22kg  (I want to be 57kg!).

I tried to post my Luthur Burger on YouTube but I haven’t figured it out how to do it yet!


2 Responses to “Last Supper Weekend & Day 1 On the Dukan Diet”

  1. Welcome back! It’s good to have you back and all ready to do this 🙂

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