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Restart tomorrow

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Momentum to start…

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So…I haven’t posted for a few days – I went to Paris on the weekend and ate and ate and ate.

I also happened to go to Paris with my flatmate who is really really tight, so all we ate were baguettes, we only ate at a cafe ONCE in 4 days (this included breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Now…I’m not going to make some excuse about carb addiction getting hold of me (which it did by the way)…but it’s soooooooooo hard to get into the momentum of being in a diet or strict eating once you haven’t done it (even if it’s only for four days!).

I had every, EVERY intention of Dukaning again once I came back…and I even had meat ready but I just could not do it.  I nearly managed it today…but dinner tonight was noodles.

Help, help! How do you get that momentum back?

Thing is, once I get into it…and I’m in the diet, I find it so easy to stick to it…but once I stop…it’s practically impossible to go back.

I’ve given myself a break this week – though no total blow out or anything…and it will be a fresh start on Monday…but please, please tell me HOW you get straight back into the momentum of eating better and exercising…because my exercising has also suffered…