Momentum to start…

So…I haven’t posted for a few days – I went to Paris on the weekend and ate and ate and ate.

I also happened to go to Paris with my flatmate who is really really tight, so all we ate were baguettes, we only ate at a cafe ONCE in 4 days (this included breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Now…I’m not going to make some excuse about carb addiction getting hold of me (which it did by the way)…but it’s soooooooooo hard to get into the momentum of being in a diet or strict eating once you haven’t done it (even if it’s only for four days!).

I had every, EVERY intention of Dukaning again once I came back…and I even had meat ready but I just could not do it.  I nearly managed it today…but dinner tonight was noodles.

Help, help! How do you get that momentum back?

Thing is, once I get into it…and I’m in the diet, I find it so easy to stick to it…but once I stop…it’s practically impossible to go back.

I’ve given myself a break this week – though no total blow out or anything…and it will be a fresh start on Monday…but please, please tell me HOW you get straight back into the momentum of eating better and exercising…because my exercising has also suffered…


7 Responses to “Momentum to start…”

  1. Oh my god, Yee Shin, I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    Getting the momentum back is different for everyone, but it also feeds into what I was saying a while back about “threshold” – you need to be AT threshold to get you over the peak of the hill so you can start building that momentum back up again.

    You know what really helped me to get past those insane cravings at the beginning? Twitter! I got myself a Twitter account, and attached it to my blog. Every time I wanted something off-plan, I jumped on my phone and whinged – I mean Tweeted about it. Kinda an extension of the blog giving me focus. I didn’t care if noone read it, it was just for me to record the desire – as if recording the desire for crisps/chocolate/cookies/traybakes somehow chanelled that desire elsewhere – like an escape valve. It totally worked for me!

    I’m Charlotte_Dukan on Twitter – if this sounds like something that might help, find me on Twitter and I’ll follow you back, and we can support each other throughout the day!! 🙂


  2. One of the things that helps me stay on track is reading other Dukaner blogs… like yours 🙂

    It helps me to know that we’re all in this together… my site is:

    Good luck… hope you get back on track!

    • Wow, thank you, I’ve been out of it for nearly 3 months and I’m the fattest that I’ve been in 3 months. 😦

      You’re right, reading blogs help, so I’ll be doing that again.

  3. Along the lines of what Charlotte wrote above, what helps get & keep me on track is blogging everyday — even if I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. Just knowing that I’m going to blog about my daily weigh-ins (and everything I eat) helps hold me accountable.

    Now that you’ve put it out there that it’s going to be a fresh start on Monday — it WILL be a fresh start on Monday! The past is past, and on Monday (if not sooner) you will be back in Dukan mode… 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I am a new Dukan dieter, (today is the 19th day, lost 10 pounds) and I discoverd your blog a couple days ago.

    Charlotte’s right, it is a personal thing. But if this can help you, I have made a list of the things that motivate me. For example, not wanting to be ashame of myself when I will meet a person I havent seen in a long time or wearing my weeding ring again or just being able to cross my legs. I know It may sound silly but I am only looking forward, at those personal goals. The carbs are staring at me every day because I still have to prepare meals for the kids but I dont allow myself any temptation. I keep thinking Dukan is only for a certain time. The better I do it, the quicker it’s gonna be over.

    The last thing I want to tell you is about regret. I have been overweight for 12 years now, I am 37 years old. That means all those beautiful years being in the 20’s and 30’s, where I should have feel good and pretty (and sexy too!), well, you guessed it, I was bitter about my reflection in the mirror. It took me several years to understand it would not go away magically, I am still young and happy to do it now, but I should have done something way sooner about it.

    I really hope I helped you a little, you have my full support.
    I will keep visiting your blog, whenever you get back at it, we will do it together.


  5. I am just starting out on Dukan and have discovered and ordered something called miracle or shirataki noodles which are allowed on all stages of the Dukan Diet. they havent arrived yet so i havent tasted them but i am very excited to try!!!

    • Hi Jordi

      How did you go with your Shirataki noodles? I ordered a whole box and I found them to be absolutely horrid! I tried everything (including rising them for 15 minutes) but I just could not stomach them!

      Hope you’re going well with your Dukaning!

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