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A guinea pig for the HCG drops

Posted in Uncategorized on November 27, 2011 by Dobsessed

Well…there has been alot of hype for the HCG drops – stars such as Demi Moore and Jwoww (of Jersey Shore) swear by it.

HCG Dieters can apparently lose half a kg a day (a pound) a day on the regime. Online, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of sites proporting the benefits of the diet.

I have found some blogs too…most dealing with the HCG homeopathic and non-homeopathic, drops and injections.

Injects are prohibitively expensive for me, and having accidentally purchased the non-homeopatic drops, I’ve decided to use myself as a guinea pig, follow this diet to the book and see if it actually works or not.

The diet, quite simplistically involves gorging yourself for 2 – 3 days (whilst taking the 10 HCG drops, 3 times a day), and then after that, for a maximum of 43 days (I’m doing this course for 40 days), you only consume 500 calories a day (breakfast: coffee/tea, no sugar; lunch: 100g lean protein + one serveof one type of vegetables; Dinner: 100g lean protein (though different from one had at lunch) + one serve of one type of vegetables; snacks: 2 apples, 2 melba toasts per day).  Which is practically starvation.  The reason this diet ‘apparently’ works is because the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) accesses your fat stores and burns those so that you still have energy – thus allow you to lose weight very quickly. 

I have just returned for a 3 week, luxury holiday (where I ate very well, and as often and whatever I wanted)…I have gained a lot of weight and I’m in fact the largest I’ve been in 10 years.

I’m hopeful that this diet works and will keep you updated.

Today, I started my first phase (gorging days) and I’m feeling a bit ill from eating so much, I’m in fact uncomfortably full. You are encouraged to have as much high calorie, high fat food as possbile (though not just carbs and sugar).

Today, I had: Instant noodles, 2 eggs, fried scones with syrup, beef and blue cheese burger from Borough Markets, almond croissants, milky coffee, a huge bowl of truffle pasta (made with parmasen cheese, egg, cream, truffel oil), 100g praline chocolates, huge bowl of rice with mayonaise, soy sauce, 1 x 500ml of Haagen Dazs (Dulce de Leche), 100gof white chocolate with caramelised biscuits.

No wonder I feel sick. Just look at my fat bloated face.