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13 weeks til 2013!

Posted in Diet & Exercise, Diet Blog on September 27, 2012 by Dobsessed

People always say setting mini goals are important…and since my brother’s wedding on the weekend, I’ve reverted to NOT going to the gym, eating blocks and blocks of chocolate, and it made me realise.  I need to have these little mini goals to keep me focused…otherwise I just lose focus!

Well, there’s only 13 weeks til 2013 and I want to try to lose 10kg before then!


  • I’m going to use My Fitness Pal and track my calories – 1350 Calories per day
  • I’m going to do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per day, whether that is walking or cardio on machines at the gym
  • Aim for 4 workouts (to include weights) at the gym per week
  • Say NO to sugar!!
  • Limit consumption of carbohydrates and concentrate on eating more protein and complex carbs
  • Say goodbye to rice, noodles, pasta, bread, wraps, pastry for 13 weeks.





Weigh in & Measurements 14 Sept 12

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 14, 2012 by Dobsessed

I keep on track with my diet when I’m accountable – so here’s me, being accountable. 

Today’s weight: 88.1kg

Mini goal weight 1: 83kg (reward: blender)

Mini goal weight 2: 78kg (reward: 90 minute full body massage)

Mini goal weight 3: 73kg (reward: 60 minute foot massage)

Mini goal weight 4: 68kg (reward: Facial – haven’t had one in 2 years!)

Mini goal weight 5: 63kg (reward: A show – either musical or a dance performance…have really missed these ever since I left London)

Goal weight: 60kg (reward: SHOPPING SPREE)

Ultimate goal weight: 55kg (reward: spa day)


Bust: 101cm / 39.5″

Waist: 88cm / 34.5″

Bellybutton: 110.5cm / 43″ – How depressing! My belly sticks out further than my breasts!

Bum (fullest part): 116cm / 45.5″

Thigh (when my thumb ends): 71.5cm / 28″

Calf: 41.5cm / 16″

Bicep: 36cm / 14″

I will do this again on Monday and then from then on, every Monday. 

How about just healthy eating?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 13, 2012 by Dobsessed

I really hate when people (who are obviously slim – and don’t exercise) decide to impart weight loss words of wisdom.  Perhaps I’m just bitter…and I’m not talking about stuff my Personal Trainer would tell me, I’m talking about stuff like, “Just eat less! It’s not that hard!”…

Seriously, if it wasn’t ‘that hard’ would losing weight and the diet industry be worth billions of dollars all over the world?

Look, I’m obese but I’m not obtuse – I know what’s fattening, what’s not, what I should eat, what I shouldn’t etc etc…and people imparting these really OBVIOUS advice doesn’t help! It just makes me feel like you’re belittling me and I don’t find that helpful at all!


Ok…so I shouldn’t be so angry…people are trying to help but I feel like they think I’m fat because I’m lazy and I don’t care and I have no self-respect.  Yes, I have been told that I have no self-respect because I’m fat.

So, how do I go about losing weight.


I have identified the following about myself:

  • I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I eat when I’m bored
  • I am a serious, serious emotional eater
  • I don’t necessarily enjoy eating THAT much…sometimes I feel like I’m just trying to eat to feel something else
  • I eat out of habit

These are some of the changes I’m hoping to make about myself:

  • Cut out sugar, including artificial sweetener except for Stevia
  • Lower my refined carbohydrates intake – I will continue to eat complex carbs such as vegetables, oats etc
  • Be more prepared so that I’m not left with taking options such as takeaway and chip
  • Not expect to lose weight quickly, I want long lasting results this time and I want to do it properly

Can I do it?

My view on Lite n’ Easy

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I have tried many, many diets, most successful diet I’ve ever been on was actually when I WASN’T on a diet and through making a move to Japan, my lifestyle changed.  I stopped eating all wheat at that time, I walked a lot more, and my portion sizes shrunk…amazingly, I was able to lose nearly 30kg…

Unfortunately, through recently taking seroquel (an depressive disorder drug, but I was prescribed them for sleep), I managed to gain 12kg in 8 weeks.  Crazy huh…not only that, I haven’t been able to effectively lose that weight permanently in over two years.

I tried the Dukan Diet, with great success, but wasn’t able to keep the weight off as I didn’t follow through to the last phase and now I’m trying Lite n’ Easy. 

Lite n’ Easy is a food delivery service that provides calorie controlled meals to your door.  Depending on the package you buy, they can include all your breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snacks – with only milk that you need to provide yourself.

For someone who is busy, hates cooking, and don’t mind simple food – it’d be great.  There’s absolutely no thinking required – each day’s food is packaged into plastic bags, marked with Day 1 or Day 2, so you know exactly when to eat them.

For me…it didn’t really work.

I tried it for three full weeks and found it EXTREMELY difficult.  First of all, I was too ambitious and thought I would be fine on a 1200 calorie plan.  I have a sedantary job, but I exercise 4 or 5 times a week, and was left feeling faint and hungry.  Changing to the 1500 calorie meal plans did help…but all that did was provide two additional snacks (a day) and maybe an extra slice of bread for breakfast.

A typical day would look something like this:


2 pieces of multigrain toast with vegemite

4-grain cereal



Fruit cup


BBQ chicken pizza

Fig and oat cookies

Rice cracker trail mix


Frozen meal (usually very small amount of protein with green beans, carrots and potatoes)


Here’s my problem with it…I have read many things about eating refined and simple carbs and Lite n’ Easy doesn’t seem to have the same line of thinking.  At every meal, there is always some sort of bread, potato, white rice or pasta.  The diets are totally geared towards calorie counting, with no though for providing rye, brown bread, brown rice or whole wheat pasta.  The meals (especially the dinners) are also quite light in protein (with only 4 or 5 50c piece coins) and half the container filled with rice.

I’m often left feeling really hungry and craving sugar…and no amount of their little snacks that they provide helps to alleviate that.  I ended up eating double the meals, I’d eat my lite n’ Easy stuff, and then eat something else.

Tastewise, some of the stuff was really tasty, but I would say the majority wasn’t that great.  All their frozen meals were waterlogged and bland…and I got sick of eating the same tasting green beans and carrots that were in practically every meal.

My sister however, has lost 4kg in 2.5 weeks on Lite and Easy…so it IS working for her…it just didn’t work for me.

Foods I liked on Lite n’ Easy:

  • vanilla crunch cereal
  • BBQ chicken Pizza
  • Chicken tender wraps
  • Greek meatball wraps
  • Chicken Enchilada

Foods I disliked on Lite n’ Easy:

  • Asian lamb shanks (very gamey)
  • Crumbed Fish fillet
  • Potatoes
  • carrots
  • Beans
  • Corned Beef