How about just healthy eating?

I really hate when people (who are obviously slim – and don’t exercise) decide to impart weight loss words of wisdom.  Perhaps I’m just bitter…and I’m not talking about stuff my Personal Trainer would tell me, I’m talking about stuff like, “Just eat less! It’s not that hard!”…

Seriously, if it wasn’t ‘that hard’ would losing weight and the diet industry be worth billions of dollars all over the world?

Look, I’m obese but I’m not obtuse – I know what’s fattening, what’s not, what I should eat, what I shouldn’t etc etc…and people imparting these really OBVIOUS advice doesn’t help! It just makes me feel like you’re belittling me and I don’t find that helpful at all!


Ok…so I shouldn’t be so angry…people are trying to help but I feel like they think I’m fat because I’m lazy and I don’t care and I have no self-respect.  Yes, I have been told that I have no self-respect because I’m fat.

So, how do I go about losing weight.


I have identified the following about myself:

  • I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I eat when I’m bored
  • I am a serious, serious emotional eater
  • I don’t necessarily enjoy eating THAT much…sometimes I feel like I’m just trying to eat to feel something else
  • I eat out of habit

These are some of the changes I’m hoping to make about myself:

  • Cut out sugar, including artificial sweetener except for Stevia
  • Lower my refined carbohydrates intake – I will continue to eat complex carbs such as vegetables, oats etc
  • Be more prepared so that I’m not left with taking options such as takeaway and chip
  • Not expect to lose weight quickly, I want long lasting results this time and I want to do it properly

Can I do it?


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