James Duigan’s Clean & Lean Kickstart eating plan – Day 1

I haven’t been able to stay on the wagon.  One of my friends say that I go on a diet for 3 days, and then just give up after not getting 5kg weight loss in that time.  Which is true.

I go to Personal training twice a week and gym a few times a week, and then waste it all by just eating crap loads of junk…we’re talking, fried chicken and rice with lashings of kewpie mayo most days for lunch (it’s just so delicious!), 2 bueno bars a day (they were on sale for $1 each at Target!), Frozen coke constantly (cos it is HOT in Brisbane) and 30c Cones, did you know they’re back at McDonald’s for THIRTY CENTS?!

Anyways…totally off track, so I decided to buy James Duigan’s Clean & Lean diet book, read it from cover to cover, and decided to do it.  The whole thing is realistic…as in, you’re not banning a complete food group or anything like that, it is just eating food that are as close to its natural intended form as possible.  Sort of like Paleo I guess. No fats are cut out either (as in, you can eat GOOD fats such as avocado, drizzle your salads with olive oil and cook in rice bran or ground nut oil)…and also encourages you to eat full fat things, rather than low fat things as low fat things usually has more persavertives and sugars added to compensate for the loss in fat (flavour).

Also…cutting out refind sugar, so still able to eat fruit, manaka honey which I think is great! Oh yeah, and also, stevia and xylitol are also allowed on the diet, but not aspartame – so NO diet cokes! Or any fizzy drinks for that matter.

The 14 day kick start is just that, it’s 14 days, it’s a kick start to the diet, and in this 14 days, you are advised not to have any sugar (including those found in fruit), no alcohol and only a cup of coffee a day and a 14 day food plan is included in the book. Basically it’s protein at every meal (not excessive – about 100 grams or so), loads of green vegies and 2 snacks which also have protein (like some nuts, or vegies with hummus).

So, how did I go on the Day 1?

Surprisingly well.  I remember when I was on Lite and Easy and I literally felt STARVED and also felt light headed and faint. Well, I didn’t feel that way on the Clean & Lean.  I was never stuffed (which is my usual after meal ‘state’) but I wasn’t ever really hungry.  I didn’t have massive cravings for sugar either.  I did have a constant headache ALL day – still have a niggling one now which I can only attribute to sugar withdrawals.

I input all my food in My Fitness Pal, and it came up as around 1000 calories…so I guess  in the first 14 days, it’s low calorie as well as clean & lean.

I’m on Day 2 and so far so good.

The diet is EXPENSIVE though because you have to buy organic meat, organic free range eggs – as much as you can. But considering I usually spend $10 on lunch everyday, it’ll probably all even out.

I have read some people losing 6kg in the first two weeks! Not sure how I will go, but I will report how I go after 7 days and after 14 days (if I don’t fall off the wagon).


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