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13 weeks til 2013!

Posted in Diet & Exercise, Diet Blog on September 27, 2012 by Dobsessed

People always say setting mini goals are important…and since my brother’s wedding on the weekend, I’ve reverted to NOT going to the gym, eating blocks and blocks of chocolate, and it made me realise.  I need to have these little mini goals to keep me focused…otherwise I just lose focus!

Well, there’s only 13 weeks til 2013 and I want to try to lose 10kg before then!


  • I’m going to use My Fitness Pal and track my calories – 1350 Calories per day
  • I’m going to do a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per day, whether that is walking or cardio on machines at the gym
  • Aim for 4 workouts (to include weights) at the gym per week
  • Say NO to sugar!!
  • Limit consumption of carbohydrates and concentrate on eating more protein and complex carbs
  • Say goodbye to rice, noodles, pasta, bread, wraps, pastry for 13 weeks.





Momentum to start…

Posted in Diet & Exercise, Pigging Out on September 2, 2011 by Dobsessed

So…I haven’t posted for a few days – I went to Paris on the weekend and ate and ate and ate.

I also happened to go to Paris with my flatmate who is really really tight, so all we ate were baguettes, we only ate at a cafe ONCE in 4 days (this included breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Now…I’m not going to make some excuse about carb addiction getting hold of me (which it did by the way)…but it’s soooooooooo hard to get into the momentum of being in a diet or strict eating once you haven’t done it (even if it’s only for four days!).

I had every, EVERY intention of Dukaning again once I came back…and I even had meat ready but I just could not do it.  I nearly managed it today…but dinner tonight was noodles.

Help, help! How do you get that momentum back?

Thing is, once I get into it…and I’m in the diet, I find it so easy to stick to it…but once I stop…it’s practically impossible to go back.

I’ve given myself a break this week – though no total blow out or anything…and it will be a fresh start on Monday…but please, please tell me HOW you get straight back into the momentum of eating better and exercising…because my exercising has also suffered…

Dukan Diet V2 Day 3

Posted in Diet & Exercise, Diet Blog, Dukan Diet with tags , , , on February 16, 2011 by Dobsessed

Dukan Diet V2 Day 3

Weight: 79.0kg

Today’s weight loss: 0.1kg

Total weight loss: 0.5kg

Exercise: 30 minute brisk walk

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water)

Morning Tea: Nut bar, 1 fish cake, 2 fish tofu (I also cheated with  a cube of caramel fudge)

Lunch: half a roast chicken, skin removed

Afternoon Tea:  black coffee, 1 fish cake, 1 fish tofu, 1 laughing cow cheese

Dinner: some Vietnamese pork balls and some roast chicken breast

***EDIT: I ate about 5 giant triple chocolate chip cookes…delicious but lethal.  Excuse me while I fall into a food coma.  I feel guilty. 😦 ***

How I felt:

Wow…headaches today.

I think the sugar withdrawals has hit me hard today…I don’t think is lack of water or anything like that because I drink plenty of water…and it just reminds me of my sugar/caffeine headaches.  I did feel a bit phased out at one point this afternoon, but I think that might be the fact that I didn’t have coffee all day until like 3 in the afternoon.  I hope that means I can sleep tonight.

I’m a bit disappointed with my weight loss to be honest.  Granted I did eat a lot of fried foods in the last few days…but 100 grams??!!

I did feel very energetic in my walking today, which I would like to attribute to my Vibrams, I got a new pair on the weekend:

Vibram Five Fingers! Love them!

I’m hoping tomorrow gives me some good numbers!!

8 Week Challenge START!

Posted in Diet & Exercise with tags on October 5, 2010 by Dobsessed

I start the 8 Week challenge at my Pilates studio today, last year, the lady who won, lost 18 kg in 8 weeks!!

I don’t think I personally have 18kg to lose, well…I do…but if I did, I’d be pretty skinny…realistically, I think I could lose 5kg, if I stay on the Dukan Diet, and exercise regularly.  I would ideally love to lose 10 kg in the 8 weeks…do you think I can do it?

In recognition of starting the 8 Week challenge, I didn’t have ANY chocolate (I had lots and lots of Rolos yesterday though) today, no ice-cream, no Skinny Cows, no cheese :).

Here’s my starting stats:

Weight: 71.2kg

Navel: 85.7cm

Hips: 105.5cm

I usually weigh less on my scales, but I usually weigh myself first thing in the morning…so that’s why.  Wish me luck!

Day 14 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Posted in 21-Day Wonder Diet, Diet & Exercise with tags , , on June 26, 2010 by Dobsessed

Scrambled eggs with asparagus | thai prawn salad | peppered steak with pumpkin wedges

Today’s weight loss/gain: + 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 3kg

Today’s supposed calories: 978

Today’s actual calories: 1065

Exercise: None

I had the worse transgression yesterday. I had a sausage, egg and bacon wrap and also KFC for dinner. I guess that was why I put on weight today…actually, I expected it to be worse. I also woke up in the middle of the night, covered in hives. I’ve also had about 4 anti-histamines today and I’m still unbearably itchy.

I was mostly pretty good today and today’s food were delicious. I tweaked the lunch and dinner recipes but the food I ate today, would be food that I’d usually eat.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs with asparagus and tomatoes. The eggs were made with 1 egg and 1 egg white, so it was nice and soft and pretty yummy. Perhaps I’ve lost my taste for butter?? I hardly doubt it.

Lunch was a Thai prawn salad. I tweaked the dressing by adding about 2 teaspoons of fish sauce with the lime juice. I also added 1 small teaspoon of caster sugar. The salad was made with brown rice and it was reminiscent of a Laab with the slightly crunchy rice. It was so yum, it was a good balance of sweet, sour and salty.

Dinner steak was pretty good too, I just used pumpkin instead of kumara and when I was roasting it, I sprinkled cinnamon and ground nutmeg on top, which gave it a nice flavour and it was velvety and cream. .

I’ve been fairly good today, but I did hoe into some butterscotch sauce I’d made the other day for a sticky date puddin (that I didn’t eat) but I hope I have lost the weight I gained tomorrow!!

Day 11 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Posted in 21-Day Wonder Diet, Diet & Exercise with tags , , , on June 23, 2010 by Dobsessed

Banana lassi | cranberry and turkey wrap | beef rissoles with beetroot salad

Today’s weight loss/gain: gained 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 3kg

Today’s supposed calorie intake: 807

Today’s actual calorie intake: 1200 approx

Today’s exercise: 40 minute walk, 30 minutes Personal Training – we boxed today

I’m just a bit half way through my 21-Day Wonder Diet and I’ve lost 3 kg.  Yesterday I registered 3.5 kg loss, but yesterday, I also had half a roast chicken for lunch along with half a bag of Fantails (cos I was in training)…so that could be why I’ve registered the extra half a kg.

I sort of did a menu switcharoo today because I didn’t want a repeat of the days when I ate disgusting food so instead of the berry salad, I had a banana lassi from Day 3.  I really dislike celery, so I switched today’s lunch of chicken waldorf salad (made with LOTS of celery – yuck!) with a turkey and cranberry wrap from Day 9.

Lunch was yummy and I thought I’d still be hungry, but I was surprisingly full (or just right) straight after lunch…before lunch though, I was really hungry and knowing I needed energy for personal training, I had a chicken in a can.  Need rather than want, I don’t find them tasty AT ALL.

This was tonight’s dinner:

It looked like a TINY portion (I’m using a smaller plate, that’s why it looks like the meat patties are huge – they’re not.  However, it was surprisingly very tasty…I did add salt and pepper into the rissoles, and I also added cayenne pepper for a bit of heat and it was delicious with the sweet, cool beetroot…definitely something I’d eat again.  Oh yeah, I also realised that this recipe fits perfectly with Phase 2 of the Dukan Diet, so I’ll be adding this to my repertoire.

After I had my dinner, my mum was making her dinner, she made wontons.  I couldn’t help myself, I ate 4.

Oh yeah, I’ve been reading the blog on How Stuff Works about the Dukan Diet and I found some very interesting calorie tools.  One of them was a very cool calculator which tells you how many calories you need per day.  Apparently, I need 2320 calories…so today, I had approximately 1200, which means I’m still eating 1000+ calories less than what I ‘need’…

According to this blog, you need to cut 3500 calories to lose roughly half a kilo, so thought I’m doing it slowly…I’m still getting there (hopefully).

Day 9 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

Posted in 21-Day Wonder Diet, Diet & Exercise with tags , , on June 21, 2010 by Dobsessed

Spinach omelette| chicken curry | prosciutto-wrapped lamb with roasted kiflers

Today’s weight loss/gain: lost 1kg

Total weight loss: 2.5kg

Today’s exercise: 40 minute walk

I don’t even know if I should bother posting today.  Out of the whole time I’ve been on this diet, I think today is the day that I transgressed the most…not through any fault of my own! Well…maybe a lot of it could’ve been avoided…

Anyways, this was breakfast…

I had training today, and they always cater when you do a training course, so morning tea was corn thins with cheese,  sauteed mushrooms and caramelised onions (yes, I could taste butter), there were lollies and mentos littered everywhere and I also had half a litre of juice today.  Lunch was chicken curry, the portions weren’t huge, and I made sure I didn’t eat all the rice…but it definitely was a far cry from the cranberry and turkey wrap that I was supposed to have today.  Yes, they provided afternoon tea too, sliced tomato with boccochini with petso and two bite sized pieces of brownie.  I must admit, I had the brownie…but only one of them.

I thought I was supposed to have about 150g of lamb, but in actualty, I was only supposed to have 100g…so I ate too much for dinner. Mm…not good – the lamb was though!  I’m undecided about the citrus (orange) segments that they prescribe with salad…I’m just not a fat.

I hope I don’t register weight gain tomorrow!  I have another training course tomorrow, so I need to be disciplined!