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Dukan Diary: Day 8 and what I’ve been eating

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Starting weight: 83.8kg (184.4lbs)

Today’s weight: 80.4g (176.9 lbs)

Today’s weight loss: 0.5kg

Total weight loss: 3.4kg (7.5lbs)

Exercise: 40 minutes Body Combat class – first time ever, thought I was going to vomit!

So, weight loss today! Woo hoo! half a kilo, not bad.  So after a week and a day, I’ve nearly lost 3.5kg! I really can’t wait to get below that 80kg mark.

Whenever I get over that 80kg threshold, I don’t know why…I just seem to not be able to get under it and then I just gain and gain and gain…so I’m only half a kilo off, so I’m hoping I can smash it today.

I keep saying that I haven’t been hungry but I don’t talk about what I eat, and honestly, I’m amazed that I register weightloss with the amount of food I eat! I think next week, for a whole week, I’m going to document everything I eat, so that you can see the portion size too.

Here’s what I’ve been eating yesterday and today:


Oatbran, Chicken pieces (thighs), yoghurt, more chicken pieces, hot chocolate, Egg salad, lots of water, lots of teas, a coffee, a coke zero, and a square of chocolate


Oatbran, a bunch of asparagus tips, Broccoli soup, Cauliflower Cottage Pie with cheese, coke zero, 1 Rolo, a prawn cocktail, 2 fillets of salmon (with sweet soy), another bunch of asparagus, tea, coffee and a huge mug of hot chocolate (options)


Dukan Diet Day 2 V2

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Day 2 on the Dukan Diet Version 2

Weight: 79.1kg

Today’s weight loss: 0.4kg

Total weight loss: 0.4kg

Exercise: 30 minute slow walk…

Today’s Food:



Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water), black Coffee

Morning Tea: Nut bar (1 Nut bar left in my drawer), a Thai fishcake, some chicken strips with curry sauce

Lunch: a plate of salt and pepper squid – very average

Afternoon Tea: Big handful of Pistachio nuts, two Thai fishcakes, some MORE chicken strips with curry sauce

Dinner: Some MORE Chicken strips with a bit of chilli sauce


How I felt:

I actually felt horrible today…and it had nothing to do with the diet.

I have talked about being allergic to wheat…and it affected me in full force today.  On my weekend away, I indulged on everything I wanted, donuts, cookies, dumplings, noodles, breads…and I paid for it today.  My skin felt like it was crawling, my face was itchy and dry, my eyes were swollen and flakey, a bit crepey too…and my mouth was like a cave of ulcers.  At around 10 the corner of my mouth sprouted with clusters of cold sores which just progressively got worse throughout the day (despite me putting a patch on it).

So, a friend asked if I got ulcers from eating wheat and I’ve never thought of that before.  My known wheat side affects are stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, lethargy, rash, itchiness, nose bleeds, stomach bleeds…but ulcers? I haven’t made that connection before…so I Googled it and yep. Ulcers are a symptoms for those who are allergic to wheat.  And it makes sense now, last time I got ulcers and felt deathly ill was when I came back from my holiday in Thailand where…you guessed it, I indulged on lost of bready stuff.

Anyways, I know that me feeling run down, sore throat and feeling overly disgusting was due to my wheat allergic rather than the diet.

I had a loss of 400 grams. Really nothing to write home about.

I don’t think I’ll lose much weight tomorrow given how much ‘bad’ foods I had but we’ll see what happens…


Last Supper Weekend & Day 1 On the Dukan Diet

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Here is some of the offerings at my Last Supper Weekend…

Some nooooodles with soft yolk eggs and pork and mushroom balls


Some wines at Antique Bar 😀

HUGE Breakfast Burrito with avocado (HUGE) with a Pumpkin Polenta Loaf


This, my friend, is a Luthur Burger

Buffet Lunch at Melbroune's Grand Hyatt - this was one of my plates...desserts


As you can see, I definitely didn’t discriminate when it came to my last supper, this is just a small sampling of what I had when I went to visit my Best Bum Chum on the weekend in Melbourne…I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate…but one of my FAVOURITE breakfasts was a Angus Steak Sandwich from St. Ali, some tender Salt & Pepper Squid from Babel and my favourite meal was at Hutong Dumpling Bar (have you tried their Turnip cake? Yum Yum)…oh…here you can see me eat a Luther Burger.

Anyways…this is supposed to be a diet blog, so here are today’s Stats.

(I gained 2 kg after this weekend)

Weight: 79.5kg

Exercise: None – I sprained my foot on the weekend, I should be recovered by tomorrow

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water), black Coffee

Morning Tea: Nut bar (nuts are not really allowed but I still have 3 bars in my work drawer and I don’t wanna waste money!)

Lunch: Half a Roast Chicken – I only ate about half of this as roast chickens from Coles are blaaaaaaaaaaaand and DRY!! Next time I’m buying from Woolworths!

Afternoon Tea: Two small handfuls of Pistachio nuts, boiled egg with Furikake

Dinner: Some Chicken strips and Soft shelled crabs with curry sauce (I treated myself because of Valentine’s Day)


How I felt:

Anyways…I felt pretty good today, I expected headaches from the sugar withdrawals but I didn’t get it…perhaps the nuts carried me through? I was also very, very busy at work so I didn’t really have time to get hungry (bored).  I also didn’t get the 3pm (witching hour) sugar craving crash…but it could be because I prepared myself by cutting out all chocolate a week ago (except for my Last Supper weekend).

I’m not sure if I’m going to lose any weight tomorrow as I didn’t do any exercise today (I usually do at least 40 minutes of walking a day) and I also had soft shelled crabs (which are lightly fried)…

We’ll see how I go.

My goal is to lose 10kg by 10 April and overall 22kg  (I want to be 57kg!).

I tried to post my Luthur Burger on YouTube but I haven’t figured it out how to do it yet!

Food I ate on Day 37 – PV Day

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So…yesterday, I cleared out all the Skinny Cows in the house and I didn’t allow myself to buy anymore either…so NO SKINNY COWS today!! 🙂 I felt a lot better today, first day since I was sick last Wednesday, I’ve felt non-cloudy and my head was not fuzzy or aching today!

Here’s what I ate today:

– A big bowl of Lion’s Head Soup

Morning tea:
– Pork balls with ginger broth
– 1 cupcake sized Strawberry scented oatbran muffin

– I ate at a shopping centre food court today: Big piece of grilled fish with prawn and lettuce sale and seafood salad (didn’t eat too much of this, because it was completely coated in mayonnaise)

Afternoon tea:
– 2 cupcake sized strawberry scented oatbran muffin
– 1 piece of Greek yoghurt chicken piece (I had to try it when I was cooking it!)

– Cottage Pie, see my picture 😀

– Stirfried asparagus with scallops and garlic

– 1 cupcake sized strawberry scented oatbran muffin (I can eat 4! as part of my oatbran quota)

Here’s some things I’m wearing for my friend’s hen’s party weekend:

I need to lose weight before I don this garb..

Dukan Binge

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I’m still sick, even worse than yesterday…all I want is to eat! So, this is what I’m eating today:

– 2 chicken sausages and a fried egg, wasn’t hungry, not much appetite when I’m sick, but just felt like eating
– a Vanilla Dukan Muffin, this was about 30 minutes later, definitely wasn’t hungry
– 180g of baked turkey meatballs with mini Babybel Light and tomato sauce, I had this 5 minutes after I had the muffin…feeling a bit disgusted at myself now but I just can’t seem to stop.
– a Skinny Cow vanilla and chocolate ice block
– 2 roasted chicken thighs stuffed with Feta and spinach (average)
– Skinny Cow Sundae

I’m not hungry, why am I still pigging out??

– Another lot of of baked turkey meatballs with shaved cheese and drizzled with lots of tomato sauce

– 2 Chicken sausages

– a tub of non-fat cheesecake flavoured yoghurt…

One thing I can say for myself…everything I’m ‘binging’ on is part of my diet (haha…not funny actually)…except for the Skinny Cow which I class as tolerated…I did completely exceed my oatbran intake though, I reckon I’m on about 3 tablespoons today! EEeeeek!

On another note, I am now sick of chicken sausages, turkey meatballs, steak, roast chicken (rotisserie chicken), rissoles, beef stir-fry…what am I supposed to eat now?? Suggestions?

Further Fails

– Oreo McFlurry w chocolate fudge and malteasers…way too sweet, why have I never thought this before??
– bacon cheeseburger…

Can I skip weigh-in tomorrow?

Day 27 on the Dukan Diet (Week 4)

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Today’s weight: 71kg

Today’s weight loss/gain: 0

Total Weight Loss: 5.5kg

Exercise: 30 minute walk

No change from yesterday’s weight. I REALLY want to be in the 60s next week…please, please, please! With that in mind, I decided to WALKed to the voting booth as opposed to drive…took me only 30 minutes there and back.

I also decided to prepare lots of food in preparation for next week. I made a bolognaise sauce…I over salted it :(. Would’ve been perfect with pasta or on a loaded potato…but I was eating it by itself, so bit too salty. Lost of veggies, mushrooms, carrot, zucchini, tomatoes, onion, garlic, some pork and beef mince and canned tomatoes. I also put wine and a touch of milk in it. Yummy. I also made a delicious broccoli soup – so easy!!

The bolognaise and the broccoli soup made up what I ate today:

Oat bran Porridge, a zucchini slice

Morning tea:
A small bowl of bolognaise sauce

zucchini slice spiced cauliflower soup

Afternoon tea
Large frozen yoghurt – not Dukan friendly, I can tell it has a bit too much sugar content
A small bowl of bolognaise sauce

A big of bowl of bolognaise sauce
A decent bowl of broccoli soup
A skinny cow vanilla sundae

Weigh in and measuring tomorrow!

Days 22, 23, 24, 25 on the Dukan Diet (Wk 4)

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I have felt extremely tired EVERY single day so far this week.

Day 22 – PP – 72.5kg (gained 0.5kg)
Day 23 – PV – 72.5kg
I had wine and ate coconut rice, chicken satays and peanut sauce, Thai chicken salad and sweet and sour pork for dinner…*sigh*

Day 24 – PP – 72kg (loss 0.5kg)
Day 22 and Day 23 entries went missing…seems to happen sometimes when I use the WordPress App on my iphone/ipad…I don’t know why…but it’s happened 4 times…but there’s no pattern for when they decide to go missing…it just does when it feels like it. Annoying.

I was really lacking in energy today…felt horribly drained and I don’t know if it was my diet or not. Today I had oat bran porridge and 2 soy lattes (I’m lactose intolerant – especially in milk, so I have to have soy), had a wedge of Laughing Cow light, turkey meatballs, a (NON-Dukan friendly) chicken strip, some fatty, yucky chicken kebab from a carvery. I think the Chicken strip is made with lots of flour, cos that probably explains why I felt so lethargic and I didn’t have any appetite for dinner. Ended up eating a Skinny Cow chocolate ice block and 1 boiled egg. Will I lose weight this week?

Day 25 – PV – 71.5kg (total weight loss 5kg) – 2 hours of exercise (1.5 hour walk – split up into 30 minute slots and 30 minutes of Personal Training)

I nearly lost my resolve today.  The day started normal enough with oat bran porridge and a coffee.  Got to work and at about 10 or so, had my Dukan friendly Zuchinni Slice.  Lunch was very ordinary.  We went to a nice place for lunch for a colleague’s farewell, but it was Italian…and not one that sells veal escallops either.  I ended up getting a tuna, egg, olive salad with added chicken and it was so unappetizing that I left most of it.  I was starving and hanging for a frozen yogurt, but Yogen Fruz has closed down!! So I just had a wedge of Laughing Cow.  I had a brutal personal training session…and made the questionable decision to still walk home and was feeling particularly drained by the time I got home.  Couldn’t be bothered cooking so got half a roast chicken.  No matter how hungry I am, I just can’t seem to stomach DRY chicken!!!! I hate the stringy threads! I felt like going for the Mi Goreng in the pantry I was so frustrated.  I ended up driving to the shops and getting an extra LARGE low-fat frozen yoghurt.  Probably has WAY too much sugar content…but I really needed it…it was the only thing stopping me from dialing a pizza. 😦