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Day 33 on the Dukan Diet

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Current weight: 70kg

Today’s weight loss/gain: Lost 0.5kg (WOW! Really? Even after the McFlurry??)

Total weight loss: 6.5kg

Today’s exercise: None (I’m still stick!)

I’m a supermarket package of mince away from being in the 60s!!! Used that analogy because I’ve been buying one of these everytime I’ve been grocery shopping…I think I easy go through 3 or 4 packages of mince a week. Yes, big grocery bills. All worth it though! I’ve lost 6.5kg in just over a month! I think that’s quite a good result and I’m hoping for just as a good a result next month! ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, I was dreading weigh-in this morning because I had a mini binge last night (bacon cheeseburger and an Oreo McFlurry with Chocolate Fudge AND Malteasers!)….but I was 70kg this morning…perhaps I will get to 69.5kg this week?? My scales only go up and down in increments of 0.5kg…otherwise I’d be happy with 69.9kg!!

Back on Proteins and Vegetables and I ate this today:

– Baked Turkey Meatballs with mini Babybel light (drizzle of low-sodium tomato sauce)
– Vanilla Oatbran Muffin (I’ll post recipe soon!)

Morning tea:
– Large vanilla frozen yoghurt (I couldn’t help it!)

(late) Lunch:
– a big bowl of bolognaise (getting a bit sick of this now…)
– a small bowl of broccoli soup
– a Chocolate choc-chip Skinny Cow ice-block

– Zuchinni Slice
– Turkey Meatballs
– some tofu
– some steamed ginger and soy fish
– some eggplant stir fried with pork
– Skinny Cow Chocolate sundae

I accidentally bought Bulla Sundaes, and took a bite of the gorgeous, delicious fudge and read the nutritional info on the cup and saw that it had 39g of Carbs in 100g!! My usual skinny cow has about 10!! It was hard, but I ended up saying no to it…*sigh*


Days 22, 23, 24, 25 on the Dukan Diet (Wk 4)

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I have felt extremely tired EVERY single day so far this week.

Day 22 – PP – 72.5kg (gained 0.5kg)
Day 23 – PV – 72.5kg
I had wine and ate coconut rice, chicken satays and peanut sauce, Thai chicken salad and sweet and sour pork for dinner…*sigh*

Day 24 – PP – 72kg (loss 0.5kg)
Day 22 and Day 23 entries went missing…seems to happen sometimes when I use the WordPress App on my iphone/ipad…I don’t know why…but it’s happened 4 times…but there’s no pattern for when they decide to go missing…it just does when it feels like it. Annoying.

I was really lacking in energy today…felt horribly drained and I don’t know if it was my diet or not. Today I had oat bran porridge and 2 soy lattes (I’m lactose intolerant – especially in milk, so I have to have soy), had a wedge of Laughing Cow light, turkey meatballs, a (NON-Dukan friendly) chicken strip, some fatty, yucky chicken kebab from a carvery. I think the Chicken strip is made with lots of flour, cos that probably explains why I felt so lethargic and I didn’t have any appetite for dinner. Ended up eating a Skinny Cow chocolate ice block and 1 boiled egg. Will I lose weight this week?

Day 25 – PV – 71.5kg (total weight loss 5kg) – 2 hours of exercise (1.5 hour walk – split up into 30 minute slots and 30 minutes of Personal Training)

I nearly lost my resolve today.ย  The day started normal enough with oat bran porridge and a coffee.ย  Got to work and at about 10 or so, had my Dukan friendly Zuchinni Slice.ย  Lunch was very ordinary.ย  We went to a nice place for lunch for a colleague’s farewell, but it was Italian…and not one that sells veal escallops either.ย  I ended up getting a tuna, egg, olive salad with added chicken and it was so unappetizing that I left most of it.ย  I was starving and hanging for a frozen yogurt, but Yogen Fruz has closed down!! So I just had a wedge of Laughing Cow.ย  I had a brutal personal training session…and made the questionable decision to still walk home and was feeling particularly drained by the time I got home.ย  Couldn’t be bothered cooking so got half a roast chicken.ย  No matter how hungry I am, I just can’t seem to stomach DRY chicken!!!! I hate the stringy threads! I felt like going for the Mi Goreng in the pantry I was so frustrated.ย  I ended up driving to the shops and getting an extra LARGE low-fat frozen yoghurt.ย  Probably has WAY too much sugar content…but I really needed it…it was the only thing stopping me from dialing a pizza. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Week 3 on the Dukan Diet

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This week I lost: 2.5kg (5.5lbs). Total loss of 4.5kg since I started this diet! I reached my first Milestone! Gold Class Movie!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lessons learnt from last week: Avoid eating out…no matter how ‘good’ you THINK you’re being…there’s hidden sugar, fat, salt in restaurant foods.

Next week’s resolution: Cut down on ‘tolerated’ foods and also try to avoid Skinny Cow ice-creams!

This is how my week went:

Day 15 – PV- no loss (still 1.5kg up!) – 80 minutes walk

I was undone by the weekend’s eating out I think. Even though I ‘thought’ I was following the diet, those sneaky restauranteers put stuff in the food that you think are OK (butter and
fat. 1g of fat = 9 calories). I ate at restaurants lots, but stuck with meat and vegetables and avoided breads (and it was hard)…but I still sustained a weight gain of 1.5 kg, and not just water cos it didn’t go…and I ate bunches of asparagus, and it didn’t go. Diets are hard :(. But I’ve learnt a valuable lesson…no more eating out, too much salt, fat and hidden carb and sugar content! Today I ate: oat bran porridge, 2 wedges of laughing cow cheese, 1 bowl of vanilla yoghurt (I’ve been getting Country Life cos it taste better, but I might revert back to Yoplait For Me), homemade meatballs in tomato sauce with cauliflower ‘rice’, 2 bunches of asparagus wrapped in ham, homemade meatloaf and cauliflower. Will I lose all that water??

Day 16 – PP – loss 0.5kg (total loss of 2.5kg) – exercise – none

No…it’s definitely not water. NO more eating out. Undone all the good work I did. Well, if I DO eat out…maybe it can only be sushi because when I do that, it seems to work ok. For those who read my earlier post, you’ll know I was undone by the best toasted sandwich ever (buttery, cheesy goodness)…this toastie also made me feel seriously ill (wheat and all) and made me bloat like crazy. As I was so queasy, I didn’t have much appetite for beef or heavy meat dishes (what’d I’d planned for dinner) so ended up eating a piece of barramundi and 6 or so green prawns cooked with a bit of curry sauce. I also had a Skinny Cow English Toffee Sunday, about 120 calories per serve, less than 10g of carbs and less than 3g of fat in a 100g serve. Not bad at all. Had a bit of a funny aftertaste but it was very smooth and creamy.

Day 17 – PV – loss 1.5kg(!!!) total loss of 4kg – exercise: none

I must’ve lost all the fluid that the salt made me retain after last weekend’s eating out sessions! Pretty chuffed with this result I must say as I was starting to feel a bit dejected with my lack of results. Oh yeah, in the Dukan Diet book, Dr Dukan says it’s ok to eat seafood extender/crab sticks so when I’d gone to Sizzler on the weekend, I ate plates of plates of them. Today, whilst at the shops, I looked at the ingredients of 3 different packs and all of them contained about 40% – 60% of wheat starch!! So nope, not falling for that again. Today I was on a cooking frenzy and made Baked Turkey Meatballs – by gentlemonkey and Spiced Cauliflower Soup. Today, I ate oatbran porridge, beef meatballs in tomato sauce, yum cha (various dumplings with the wrappers off), more beef meatballs in tomato sauce with cauliflower ‘rice’, a bowl of cauliflower soup and a double chocolate Skinny Cow Sundae (Yum, much better than English Toffee). More loss tomorrow?

Day 18 – PP – gained 1kg total loss 3kg – exercise: 80 minute walk
I had a client visit so I cheated and had a steak and mushroom pie from Syd’s Pies. I was starving and I didn’t have any other choice!! Here’s what I ate today: Oat bran porridge, 6 turkey meatballs (Gentlemonkey’s recipe, I adapted slightly by using Greek yoghurt instead of cottage cheese, slightly different proportions of ingredients and more onion…they were DELICIOUS!! Will be making them more often), a steak and mushroom pie for lunch. Dinner was steak with onions, mustard ham, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, and I also had yoghurt, coffee and an English toffee Skinny Cow Ice Block – Yum!

Day 19 – PV – lost 0.5kg (total loss 3.5kg) – exercise: 75 minute walk + 30 minutes weight training
Today I ate: Oatbran porridge, 2 wedges of laughing Cow cheese, (250g) of homemade turkey meatballs with tomato pasta sauce with cauliflower ‘rice’, a bowl of spiced cauliflower soup (yum), seafood marina mixed cooked in tomato pasta sauce with half a bag of baby spinach stirred through, TWO Skinny Cow ice blocks (BAD)…

Day 20 – PP – lost 1kg (total loss 4.5kg – new low weight!!) – exercise: none, so sore from weight training!
I stepped on the scales 3 times this morning to make sure it was registering the right weight…so hoping it’s right! Felt pleased enough to try a pair of jeans that I got in London 5 years ago (that became too big…and then became too tight for me to pull past my thighs!) The jeans fit me, I could button it…but my butt looked disgusting, like a lumpy, stretched bag full of marbles. A few more weeks of weight loss I think…
Today I had oat bran porridge for breakfast, a boiled egg and a bowl of non-fat vanilla yoghurt. I had some turkey meatballs and had lunch with some friends. Very restricted as we were in an Italian restaurant, so I broke my diet and had a mozzarella, tomato, basil salad with chicken (drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar). Dinner was a rump steak, thinly sliced stir fried with soy sauce, oyster sauce, xylitol, ginger and garlic and a huge plate of about 12 seared scallops with 3 quail eggs. Yummy…I also had 2 Skinny Cow ice blocks…need to stop chowing those down. Weekly weigh in tomorrow! I hope I register an overall weight loss despite today’s lunch and ice-creams!!

Day 21 – PV – lost 0kg (total weight loss 4.5kg) – exercise: 45 minute walk
Still feeling happy from yesterday’s weightloss, I knew today would be a difficult day. Breakfast was oatbran porridge and some yoghurt. I had lunch with my friend and I had a small plate of sashimi (not that small, about 12 pieces of raw fish), then I had agedashi tofu (lightly fried tofu) with a vegetarian sauce made from bamboo shoots and mushroom, sooo good. I was still hungry (or peckish) so I also ordered a plate of chicken karaage (fried chicken). I also had a Skinny Cow ice-cream and for dinner, we went out for my niece’s 1 month birthday. I ate crabs, a piece of duck – it was so good, some pork spare ribs, two pieces of fried chicken, a piece of fish, some veggies, some egg custard with scallops, Fried tofu with seafood sauce and some cabbage. Avoided the rice and avoided the desserts…not looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in!

Day 15 on the 21-Day Wonder Diet

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Mm…I don’t know if I should post today’s entry or not…after all, I didn’t really follow it at all today.

I haven’t gained or lost any weight recently, still sitting at 3.5kg of weight loss and I guess I feel less motivated because of it. I guess it definitely doesn’t help that I’ve been eating fast food, wheat and I was not really following the diet again.

I followed breakfast, banana smoothie, I made it with no fat strawberry yoghurt and it was pretty yummy. I had training again once again today, and lunch was a pretty boring affaire, cold meats with salad, which lots of.

Dinner was low fat Moussaka, which was actually very tasty…I would’ve stuck with it except my cooked a feast (for my brother’s return from the States) and I couldn’t help myself. I lost count of how many Peking sauce pork ribs I had…it was so, so good. I must deep fried, sticky, sour sweetness…

I could never be a health freak.

Anyways…despite me doing another training course tomorrow, I’m going to walk there…so I’ll be sweaty in ‘class’. Oh yeah, I was also very productive tonight, I made dinner, 2 servings of moussaka, so froze one portion for next time. I also made some breakfast beans for tomorrow, very easy…the tomatoes were very sour so I added a teaspoon (maybe two) of brown sugar.

I had left over ground beef, so I made some cumin rissoles and froze. In order not to fall off the wagon, you basically have to be very prepared. If I’d had food at home on Friday night, I wouldn’t have turned to KFC…so I’m making sure I’m prepared for my last week on this diet…