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Salmon Fritatta

Posted in Dukan Diet, Recipe with tags , on April 27, 2012 by Dobsessed

I made this today (I’m on day 4 on the Dukan Diet and I’ve lost 1.4kg) – I had smoked salmon, and eggs, so decided to make this.  This recipe is allowed in all stages in the Dukan Diet.

The good thing about this fritatta is that it’s quite light (made with no fats or butters) and I didn’t add any salt – I like my food well seasoned and this seriously did not need it.  It tasted really great too! You can easily serve this to people who aren’t dieting with a side salad or maybe some potatoes, they wouldn’t even notice.

I tend not to measure anything so all measurements for ingredients are approximate.


5 eggs

2-3 tablespoons of light cottage cheese

2 tablespoons of skim milk powder

1/2 cup of hot water (not boiling)

1 package of Smoked Salmon (I can’t remember the weight…maybe 50g?)

4 or so of spring onion, chopped into 4 cm lengths



Mix the cottage cheese, skim milk powder and water together until there are no pockets of skim milk powder.  Once missed, add all the ingredients together and stir.

Line an oven safe dish or a pan with baking paper so that you don’t need to use oil.  In my case, I used a nonstick saucepan and wrapped foil around the handle so I can shove it in the oven.

Pour mixture in and bake in 180 degree oven until lightly brown on top.





7 Days Later on the Dukan Diet – Stats

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Starting weight: 83.8kg (184.4lbs)

Today’s weight: 80.9g (178 lbs)

Total weight loss: 2.9kg

Measurements  Starting Measurements in Orange in inches

Bust: 38.0 ~ 39.0 – 1 inch gain – I don’t understand how that happens??

Waist: 32.5 ~ 31.5 – 1 inch loss

Fullest part of bottom: 45.5 ~ 45.0 – half an inch loss

Bicep: 14.0 ~ 14.0 – no change

Upper Thigh: 28.5 ~ 28.0 0 half an inch loss

Not a bad result after one week hey? I don’t know how this week will go.  I’ve got 4 day weekend coming up in Paris.  I beg you to tell me how I am supposed to resist cheese, baguette, croissants (my favourite are almond croissants), macarons, chocolates…?

Dukan Diet Diary: Day 5 – Attack Phase

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Starting weight: 83.8kg (184.4lbs)

Today’s weight: 80.7g (177.5 lbs)

Today’s weight loss 0.9kg

Total weight loss: 3.1kg

Exercise: 25 minute cardio at the gym – I’m working on working out longer!

Today’s Food:

2 soft boiled eggs with furikake, 5 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee, chicken brenton, coconut muller light, coke zero, turkey meatballs with mozerella cheese and a fried egg, Options hot chocolate


I actually brought the turkey meatballs as my afternoon snack but I was so full from lunch that I didn’t feel like it. The carb cravings are starting to subside, my headaches are still hanging around though. I do feel like I have way more energy and I’m not in a carb induced slump on the tube home after work…it’s all going quite well.

Can you believe I’ve lost 3.1kg in 5 days??? Really, it’s 4 full days…but I just think the results are amazing.  Even if it IS water weight – water weight still makes you look fat and bloated!

Tomorrow I start eating vegetables…so I guess it’ll be the end of such awesome results…

Dukan Diet Diary: Day 4 – Attack Phase

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Starting weight: 83.8kg (184.4lbs)

Today’s weight: 81.6kg (179.5 lbs)

Today’s weight loss 0.3kg

Total weight loss: 2.2kg

Exercise: 45 minute Body Balance Class

Today’s Food:

Oatbran Porridge, 4 extra lean bacon, 5 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee, 2 tubs of Muller Light yoghurt (Vanilla and Strawberry), Coke zero, 600g – 700g of Roast Pork, 1 200g piece of Angus Rump Steak with caramelised onion, huge mug of Options Hot Chocolate


I went to bed feeling like an absolute, total pig yesterday…I ate pork cracking the size of Russia, and after I ate that, I had a HUGE mug of hot chocolate (similar to the ones I’m having now).

They’re pretty tasty considering they’re very low in fat, 1 cup contains less than 1 g of fat, less than 6g of Carbohydrates and les than 40 calories.

It really takes the edge of my carb/sugar cravings and there were many today…I was getting serious headaches.  Overall though, I’m feeling really good. I feel like I have more energy, I’m not always STARVING and I just feel better in general.

My plumbing seems to be in good working order too…so I can’t wait to bring out the tape measure and do a measure and see how many centimetres I’ve lost!

Dukan Diet Diary: Day 3 – Attack Phase

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Today’s weight: 81.9 (180.2 lbs)

Today’s weight loss 0.6kg

Total weight loss: 1.9kg

Exercise: Cardio at the gym for 25 minutes

Today’s Food:

3 extra lean bacon, 2 eggs, 6 or 7 cups of tea, 1 cup of coffee, 180g of Turkey meatballs, 8 mini marinated chicken breasts (sooo dry – I’m going for thighs next time), Muller Light Vanilla, Coke zero, Pork Crackling and a generous slice of roast pork.


So I’m not following the Dukan diet to the einth degree…after all, I know that pork and bacon aren’t allowed on the Dukan, but if I restrict myself too much, and don’t have the variety, I won’t end up sticking to it.  So, I may lose weight FASTER if I were to follow it completely, but I may also quit within a week.  Right now, I’m  happy with how I’m going.

I’m pretty happy with my weight loss too! 1.9 kg after 2 full days on the Dukan Diet, and I haven’t been hungry at all..the sugar cravings has been getting to me but I’ve been drinking tea and coke Zeros to counter that.

I’m also thinking of trying out some Diabetic ice-cream (same fat/sugar content as yoghurt) when I have major cravings…but I don’t know if that’s safe to have in the hosue considering I tend to eat a whole tub of ice-cream in one sitting.  I’m not even exaggerating. With. Peanut butter!

What do you think?

Oh yeah, I also bought Miracle Noodles, which are noodles made out of Konjaku (a plant/root thing from Japan) – I’ve only had it in Japan and wasn’t the biggest fan, so I’m curious to see how this works.  Pretty pricey though, £25 for a pack of 10. Hope they’re worth…I have read a lot of great reviews so I’m hopeful



So, isn’t it amazing…after only 2 days of the Dukan Diet, I’m showcasing some great results!

Week 7 on the Dukan Diet

Posted in Dukan Diet with tags , , , on September 12, 2010 by Dobsessed

Today’s weight: 69.5kg

Last week’s weight: 70kg

Total weight loss: 7kg

I’ve had the most frustrating week (or should I say last three weeks).  I feel like I haven’t had any decent weight loss for three weeks and it’s getting me down.  This week, even though I broke through the 70kg barrier, I haven’t been staying in it consistently.  My weight has  been going up and down on a daily basis and I don’t feel like I’ve been properly in the 60s and I don’t get what it is… I’ve been in exercising too!

Been craving pies, pizza and noodles too…been so hard this week!

To keep myself motivated, I found some pictures of my self before I started the diet, and the images has motivated me for next week.

Before (This was taken in March this year):

After (3 weeks ago):

Well…it’s not a HUGE difference…but some, what do you think?

I’ve now been on the Dukan Diet for 6 weeks…

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And I’ve lost a total of 6.5kg…which were my results after 4 weeks of being on the Dukan Diet.

Wow…being sick, craving sweets really throws the weight loss around doesn’t it? Also, lack of exercise also puts a stop to rapid weight loss.  I’m very disappointed my with my results, I weighed 70kg this morning, which is pretty much my result from two weeks ago.  If I had continued on my tracked weight loss, I should have been well into the 60s, possibly at my next mini milestone of 68kg…but instead, I’m still finding that I can’t break through the 70kg barrier.

Must not give up though…now that I’m all better (other than damn hayfever) I’m going to starting walking to work again and hopefully this will start my weight loss again.

Measurements wise…

Pretty much unchanged compared to last week except my belly (which had gone up by 2 inches last week) is back down to what it was the week before.

No walking today, I need to help my sister supervise a birthday party for my nephew who turns 8 today, him and 7 of his 8 year old friends get to go bowling.  I should make one thing clear, if any kid eats too many lollies and throw up…it will NOT be my responsibility.