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Dukan Diet V2 Day 7 & 8

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Dukan Diet V2 Day 7 & 8

Weight: 78

Today’s weight gain: 0,9kg

Total weight loss: 1.5kg

Exercise: none

Today’s Food:

I really don’t wanna talk about it

How I felt:



Dukan Diet V2 Day 6

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Dukan Diet V2 Day 6

Weight: 77.1kg

Today’s weight loss: 0.8kg

Total weight loss: 2.4kg

Exercise: none

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water), fishcakes with dill cream and poached eggs, mocha

Lunch: 6 macarons (friend brought them from Melbourne for me

Dinner: 2 soft shelled crabs, fish cakes, seared salmon, seared scallops, seared salmon belly, potato croquettes, black sesame ice-cream, black sesame creme caramel, fried red bean cake

How I felt:

I obviously didn’t Dukan today. My favorite bum chum is in town and it’s the last time we’ll see each other before I head to the UK on a 15 month stint working holiday! Peking duck is on the cards for the weekend, I’m not expecting weight loss…just hoping for a quiet gain…

Dukan Diet V2 Day 4

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ukan Diet V2 Day 4

Weight: 78.1kg

Today’s weight loss: 0.9kg

Total weight loss: 1.4kg

Exercise: 30 minute slow walk

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water)

Morning Tea: Black Coffee, 2 caramel fudge, Laughing Cow cheese

Lunch: Quarter Roast chicken, 2 Vietnamese meatballs

Afternoon Tea:  Chocolate chip cookie, 4 fish tofu, 2 pork balls

Dinner: 2 soft shelled crabs, fish cakes, crab claws, spicy calamari with some Japanese mayo, black sesame ice-cream

How I felt:

So…yeah, I didn’t do that well on Day 4…no carbs…but lots of sugary things.

Quite amazed by my 900g weight loss though! I’ll try better on Day 5!!

Dukan Diet V2 Day 3

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Dukan Diet V2 Day 3

Weight: 79.0kg

Today’s weight loss: 0.1kg

Total weight loss: 0.5kg

Exercise: 30 minute brisk walk

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water)

Morning Tea: Nut bar, 1 fish cake, 2 fish tofu (I also cheated with  a cube of caramel fudge)

Lunch: half a roast chicken, skin removed

Afternoon Tea:  black coffee, 1 fish cake, 1 fish tofu, 1 laughing cow cheese

Dinner: some Vietnamese pork balls and some roast chicken breast

***EDIT: I ate about 5 giant triple chocolate chip cookes…delicious but lethal.  Excuse me while I fall into a food coma.  I feel guilty. 😦 ***

How I felt:

Wow…headaches today.

I think the sugar withdrawals has hit me hard today…I don’t think is lack of water or anything like that because I drink plenty of water…and it just reminds me of my sugar/caffeine headaches.  I did feel a bit phased out at one point this afternoon, but I think that might be the fact that I didn’t have coffee all day until like 3 in the afternoon.  I hope that means I can sleep tonight.

I’m a bit disappointed with my weight loss to be honest.  Granted I did eat a lot of fried foods in the last few days…but 100 grams??!!

I did feel very energetic in my walking today, which I would like to attribute to my Vibrams, I got a new pair on the weekend:

Vibram Five Fingers! Love them!

I’m hoping tomorrow gives me some good numbers!!

Last Supper Weekend & Day 1 On the Dukan Diet

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Here is some of the offerings at my Last Supper Weekend…

Some nooooodles with soft yolk eggs and pork and mushroom balls


Some wines at Antique Bar 😀

HUGE Breakfast Burrito with avocado (HUGE) with a Pumpkin Polenta Loaf


This, my friend, is a Luthur Burger

Buffet Lunch at Melbroune's Grand Hyatt - this was one of my plates...desserts


As you can see, I definitely didn’t discriminate when it came to my last supper, this is just a small sampling of what I had when I went to visit my Best Bum Chum on the weekend in Melbourne…I didn’t take pictures of everything I ate…but one of my FAVOURITE breakfasts was a Angus Steak Sandwich from St. Ali, some tender Salt & Pepper Squid from Babel and my favourite meal was at Hutong Dumpling Bar (have you tried their Turnip cake? Yum Yum)…oh…here you can see me eat a Luther Burger.

Anyways…this is supposed to be a diet blog, so here are today’s Stats.

(I gained 2 kg after this weekend)

Weight: 79.5kg

Exercise: None – I sprained my foot on the weekend, I should be recovered by tomorrow

Today’s Food:

Breakfast: Oat bran Porridge (made with water), black Coffee

Morning Tea: Nut bar (nuts are not really allowed but I still have 3 bars in my work drawer and I don’t wanna waste money!)

Lunch: Half a Roast Chicken – I only ate about half of this as roast chickens from Coles are blaaaaaaaaaaaand and DRY!! Next time I’m buying from Woolworths!

Afternoon Tea: Two small handfuls of Pistachio nuts, boiled egg with Furikake

Dinner: Some Chicken strips and Soft shelled crabs with curry sauce (I treated myself because of Valentine’s Day)


How I felt:

Anyways…I felt pretty good today, I expected headaches from the sugar withdrawals but I didn’t get it…perhaps the nuts carried me through? I was also very, very busy at work so I didn’t really have time to get hungry (bored).  I also didn’t get the 3pm (witching hour) sugar craving crash…but it could be because I prepared myself by cutting out all chocolate a week ago (except for my Last Supper weekend).

I’m not sure if I’m going to lose any weight tomorrow as I didn’t do any exercise today (I usually do at least 40 minutes of walking a day) and I also had soft shelled crabs (which are lightly fried)…

We’ll see how I go.

My goal is to lose 10kg by 10 April and overall 22kg  (I want to be 57kg!).

I tried to post my Luthur Burger on YouTube but I haven’t figured it out how to do it yet!

Dukan Return

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I have 14 February in my mind as the day I will restart my Dukan Diet. Looking back on some of my blog entries, it made me realise that, despite how exposed and off-times embarrassed about talking about how much I weighed on my blog, it also really made me accountable.

There was no hiding, and there was no blow out days (as much) and most of all, I seemed to be able to stick to my diet a bit more.

I decided on the 14th because it’s pretty much the end of my indulgences.

I have been indulging a lot since December, I had lots of Christmas/New Year catch ups, had a huge feast on Christmas…ate multiple meals whilst I was overseas (all very fatty), came home and was not able to kick the sugar addiction gained through the holidays.

I also stacked on the weight – all the weight that I had infact lost on the Dukan.

And then before I could say, bacon double cheeseburger, it’s Chinese New Year celebrations (more feasting).

So 14th is pretty much the end of Chinese New Year and it’s the start of me Dukaning.

I will be doing 5 days of Attack and then onto 1 on 1 alternating days on the Cruise Phase with a goal weight loss of 20kg, meaning I will need to be on the Consolidation Phase for 220 days.

I never made it to the Consolidation phase which is probably why my weight bounced back so quickly. Dr Dukan knows what he’s on about.

I will be blogging about my journey once again to keep myself accountable. Wish me luck.

Hello Again! Day 70 on the Dukan with Stats and Measurements

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Today’s weight: 69.9kg

Total weight loss: 6.6kg


Bust:  Lost 2 inches

Waist: Lost 4.5 inches

Hips: Lost 4 inches

HELLO WORLD!! I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks…I’ve had a few weeks of up and downs and I was just feeling too down to post anything.  Between work stresses – still stressed, I’ll find out after Monday whether things will start looking up for me, it’s been making me pig out.  Last week, I’ve decided to buckled down, I’ve stopped pigging out, I got over my sugar cravings (kidna) and I haven’t had any McDonald’s Oreo McFlurries all week and I feel renewed again!!

Since I’ve gotten my new scales which goes in increments of 100g, I’ve reached my lowest weight to date of 69.9kg! On my old scales, I was 69.5, but I checked my measurements, and I’m also the ‘smallest’ all over since I’ve started the diet…so I’m back to making progress again.  Also, right now, at this very moment, I’m wearing my Fat Jeans no#1!! I know it doens’t sound vry exciting when I put it that way…but I bought this pair of jeans after I put on 8kg and could no longer fit into my 10+ pair of jeans, I was wearing these for a couple of months before I couldn’t fit into these jeans and had to buy Fat Jeans no#2.  Very depressing… When Fat Jeans #2 started getting really tight, I decide to start the Dukan…so I’m happy to be fitting in these jeans again. Just a few more months I think and I can get back to my regular jeans.  Fingers crossed.

My harrowing pig out couple of weeks even saw me go up to 72kg which I haven’t been since Day 35 on the Dukan or something.  After that Hen’s weekend of drinking and eating carbs, I had major carb cravings and it took me a while to get over it…but I’m happy to report that I’m back to feeling a big happier.  Here’s my weight chart to show you how I went:

Pretty bad huh??

But I’m back on track and I’ll start regularly posting again including what I eat. I’m a bit obsessed with Tofu right now…which is good, cos I’m eating protein but I don’t feel like I’m eating too much meat!