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Day 58 on the Dukan Diet

Posted in Dukan Diet, Pigging Out with tags , , , on September 21, 2010 by Dobsessed

Today’s weight: 70.9kg

Today’s weight loss: 1.1kg

Total weight loss: 5.6kg

Today’s exercise: 35 minute walk + 30 minutes of easy weights session + 1 hour of pilates

So…I managed to lose 1.1kg of the 2kg I put on over the weekend. Yep, it was the high salt food, and all the carbs, chips and lollies that I ate.  I did cheat yesterday and I had noodles…but I felt more resolved today.  That was until 2pm where I had a major McFlurry craving and gave in…Yep, I think I’ve well and truly gotten over my cravings (fingers crossed).

I’m feeling a bit bloated right now and I’m also really, really sore! Over the weekend, my friends and I went pole dancing (as a Hen’s thing) and I have great respect for pole dancers, it’s not easy!! It’s been 3 days and I am still aching, especially my forearms!! Didn’t help that I had to do so much weight training today.  I usually have Personal Training on Friday, but I’m going away for work (uh oh!!) on Thursday, so no opportunity to do exercise.  I think my hotel might have a gym, so I might go pound some treadmill rubber hehe.

I’ve also decided to re-register for my local pilates studio.  On 4th October, they will be starting an 8 week challenge.  I tried doing it last year and failed miserably…but I’m more resolved this year with the help of my lovely blog friends, Charlotte, Lauren, Julie, Joanne, Claire and everyone who reads my blog and are encouraging and also the Dukan Diet!  It’s really a win/win situation, if I do really, really well…then I win a whole bunch of prizes (weekend for 2 at Gwinganna lifestyle Retreat, a $500 Lorna Jane wardrobe (gym wear), $500 voucher for a hairdresser’s) but if I don’t win…I know I would’ve won with weight loss and a toned, lean, long body (here’s hoping)!!

Anyways, here’s what I ate today:


Oatbran porridge, Coffee

Morning tea

Nestle chocolate mousse, some cabanossi, some cheese (naughty naughty!) about 4 or 5 Grain Waves (have you tried them, they’re fantastic…and NOT DUKAN ALLOWED) – work morning tea, an Affagato.


Tofu burger with tofu, McFlurry with oreos, malteasers and chocolate fudge (not worth it, I nearly passed out in my afternoon meeting cos I was in such a sugar coma)

Afternoon tea

Skinny Cow ice-block (I’m still obviously not getting over my carb addiction)


Big fillet of barramundi, 2 Thai fish cakes and 3 pork balls